7 days 7 looks with Indian flair

It is amazing how things evolve just like it has happened with this 7 days 7 looks series. Originally it was planned to display seven looks from other fashion bloggers but today it is much more than that. It turned into an amazing cultural travel, exposing the diverse beauty that style means all over the world. Today I would like you to meet Surbhi, part time stylist and fashion hanker (as she calls herself lol) of The Fashion Flite. Surbhi brings an amazing Indian flair into every single look and that is what makes everything she touches so very special. Check her seven looks describing each outfit with her own words. Authentic beauty alert!

Day 1.


I did something out of my comfort zone . I am not a florals on my head kind of girl. Tiaras set me up on a sneeze spree and I tried to stay away from them as much I could for very long. On the contrary, I love playing with headgears. They let me display the un-mundane and the enchanted. This look is a perfect hippie deluxe. This outfit is also an ode and an attempt to revive and bring back the memories and romance of those warm spring days. The turquoise jewellery stone beautifully reflects vintage elements but in a chic and modern avatar which is not only light rather fuss free .

Day 2.


I wore this look for one of the days on India Fashion week. The idea of the double bun was De-Novo, and the eccentricity from the hair had to be matched with the exaggerated shoulders of the tee. I know you would say I am kidding but I did my hair in under two minutes. Although this typically resembles a very Minnie Mousish vibe, I think it’s kinda reimported. I wanted to advertise my talent (sounds commercial doesn’t it?) into something that alludes to my inner style/voice .

Day 3.

I love getting a good dossier mix which bloggers (including me ) have smartly coined as fusion wear. It’s a progressive or rather smart interpretation of east-meets-west or a path less ordinary. No, we are not talking about the silk route but a right balance of  standard strata of Indian accents. And that is all what this look is about. I wore this for an Indian wedding function where the bride wears beautiful, customary bangles in red and beige, on her wedding day. Kept it pretty simple and very much Indian and basic.

Day 4.

Clearly keeping my finger on the fashion pulse, I am that grown up girl who likes pretty outfits and love looking pretty in them. Denims are a must have and this much on trend denim skirt with “Edward scissor hands” style top both from Stalk buy love is keeping me on trend. Noteworthy and honest without having to spill too much of my $$$. 

Day 5.


A perfect Indian outfit that can be turned into a business look. I am wearing a sheer dress over a pair of chevron leggings, and a zip jacket over the dress. Leave the sheer dress, and the jacket with the pants can make a perfect attire for any corporate environment. The hint of Marsala with the spice of burgundy is what makes this outfit to get its own edge. The possibility to style this look is endless. One day I want to wear the jacket as it is, and on an other day I just change the bottom half (we call it an Anarkali suit) to something more slaying. A hoarder of everything versatile, I really doubt that any brick and mortar store would have lend me their sartorial talent, into creating something as flexible as this outfit.

Day 6.


This outfit was always on my menu and I was mood-boarding a lot of things for this look from a long time. The smokey makeup, the monochrome outfit, bold and nude lips at the same time, zebra vibes and so on were a few common factors that connected the parts of this look. The balloon sleeved blouse coming in from its haute pedestal of elite dressing possesses a great penchant for the evening. Yes, yes, yes this outfit is almost intentional to tingle the filmdom.

Day 7.


Be it a statement dress or jewellery, surrealism with modest elements evokes a homage to beautifully rendered brave looks. This cape dress (own label) with pretty florals worn at fashion week last month brings a new meaning to outerwear which has a mix of both parisian and street. The look is pretty basic but the detailing pushes the edges out. I added these statement earrings and a simple cuff to lend a small bit of ornamentation to the whole look. The lively outfit and jewellery rather compliment each other and deliver intelligent mix and tweak for the chic to happen.

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