BERLIN Special: District Mot, the Mecca of Asian Fusion

Berlin has been and is more and more growing into the culinary melting pot of Germany. You will possibly not find such a high variety of restaurants, cafés, Delis etc. nowhere else. Asian fusion is among the most popular ones and the Mecca of it seems to be a restaurant called District Mot in Mitte. It is ruling and has been ruling in terms of vibe, food, dessert, interior and service.

District Mo at its best // All images: Julia L. for SILKsofine

When you enter the restaurant it rather feels like an actual teleportation to one of Shanghai’s Food markets or to one of the Chinese centers you will find in any American city with more than one million inhabitants. For me it feels like an instant beaming to Mulberry Street in New York’s Chinatown and not only due to the pretty petty stools that would rather fit into a doll house. It is because they set a point to every detail that characterizes the places District Mot aims to draw the line to. The music, the surrounding, the cables from any electronic device, the fancy pants things you can buy besides of good food. They did not forget anything to create something unique.

Regarding the menu I always already have a hard time to decide on what to drink. Besides any fancy iced tea you can ever imagine they have Lassis, teas and Asian beer. However I tend to always go for the Mango-Coconut Lassi with brown tapioca jelly that probably has as much calories as an actual menu. It will definitely be worth any extra round of running.

Regarding the food District Mot aims to serve a variety of Saigon Streetfood. And they do great because you will be able to order the strangest things in the world that you might have never heard of before like deep-fried silkworm, grilled chicken-feet or pan-fried frog legs or you go for the classy one such as steamed mixed seasonal root vegetables with fermented tofu, prawns or fired noodles with chicken. Whatever you choose it will be a treat for eyes and taste. And do not do the mistake to order to much aside so that you won’t be able to go for dessert. Because you would totally miss out on something that could absolutely change your image of the dessert world, for example the grilled dwarf-banana with coconut milk or the red beans with matcha green tea panacotta and coconut milk. Do not miss this, promise?

However, if you think you won’t be able to spend too much time on the pretty petty stools you are wrong – because after this emotional voyage to the world of Saigon’s food experiences you will not feel anything anymore. Only culinary happiness.

Sauces in a basket


Chinatown vibes


Just in case


Best Mango-Coconut Lassi with Tapioca Jelly in town

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