Bloggerlife: what is blogging and how you make money with it

There is not one day without analysing, overthinking, evaluating or just simply checking up on what exactly I am doing around here in the cyberspace. I have got many questions lately about what this thing is that I am doing (thing = blogging) and why anyone should be interested in anything shared on blogs. Especially when that blog is about fashion, which is only like the second most important thing in the world (feel the irony). Well then, let’s talk about it!


Today there are as many bloggers as many drops in the sea. Handwritten diaries became digital and digital diaries became much more than a note for self. Actually almost everyone I know starting a blog today does it with the intention to show it to the world. Of course we all have different reasons for it but one thing is the same I suppose: we all want to create.


As SsF is a fashion blog lets focus on fashion blogging. It is not “only” about styling and posing for photos but a zillion things non-bloggers (if there is any left) simply do not think of. Beside of the main focus aka inspire others with creative outfit ideas, it is about photographer-, writing-, technical-, organisational-, designer-, communicational-, marketing- (and so many more) skills – all represented in one person, the blogger. It is an enormous work at the beginning and the tension never gets less. For the success there is always an unsettling urge to show something new, something different, something better than everyone else. It is like with any other self-made entrepreneurship in the world: for achieving your goals you need to stand out for being noticed, you need to do something that was never done before.

But why would anyone care?

After having your pretty blog running, filled with awesome content giving your very best, comes the big question: why would anyone care? There are several huge fashion magazines, printed or digital, which show you the most beautiful outfits, give you information about the latest trends, what and where to shop and much more. Not to mention a lot of big name fashion bloggers who became famous and do blogging as full time job (making big money), being always one step ahead of every fashionistas. Why would anyone care for instance about what a Hungarian girl, living in Germany, blogging about fashion has to say? What new can one blogger out of a million show to the world?


There is nothing new under the sun, only you. Your personality that you bring into your creations (styling or anything else) is the ultimate reason why people would care. Your fan base starts with family and friends and if the stars are in your favour then many more will follow. If not, then just remember that you already reached the most important audience, people who know and love you. Also, there is an other amazing side of blogging: you get to know fantastic, likeminded people, and most of all you get to know YOURSELF. If for nothing else but for this, it is already worth it.

And how do you make money?

I get this question a lot. Actually the answer is on my blog since the very beginning of its’ existence, cause there are laws that require to give full transparency. But who cares about the Privacy Policy 🙂 . So here is the thing: you can make money with blogging in several different ways. A monetised blog is like an advertising platform and a blogger is the face of it. The more people know you, the more come to visit your blog. The more visitors you have on your blog the more brands want to be seen there. These brands are willing to pay for being present on your blog, just as they do it for any other kind of advertisement on tv, in magazines and so on. Banners, brand-blogger collaborations, sponsored posts, giveaways, there are a lot of creative ways to advertise and a blog is a great platform for doing it so. This is an example of a sponsored post for instance.

An other way to make money with blogging is placing affiliate links on your website. For example: when you check out my LOOKbook, there are links in my posts and also there are clickable pictures of products. When you click on some of the links or pictures, they take you to the online store where you can buy the products I talk about in my posts. If you buy something after clicking, I get a tiny little part of your purchase. You do not pay more for products by buying them via my site. I get a percentage of the normal sale price.

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It is the same with my BOUTIQUE. When you hoover over it, you see all the categories (see the screenshot above), where the products are my personal favourites. When you click on them, you do not buy things directly from me, but from different online shops. But If you buy things via my links, it means I earn a little money. With affiliate links you can’t make much money until you have hundreds of thousands of visitors. But for a while it is already great if you can cover your blogging costs.

Have I answered your questions? Not complicated once you hear it but sure it is a mystery for a lot of people. I hope I could make things a little clearer, but in case you still have questions, do not hesitate, here in the comments or via contacting in email, I am there for you!

What else would you like to know about blogging? x




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