How to transition your summer wardrobe to fall

Fall is a great change of everything (especially fashion) but it doesn’t mean you need a whole new wardrobe. To make fall style fun, there shouldn’t be any pressure to get new clothing. Rather smartly combining what you already have with some key pieces of the new season is the way to transition your summer wardrobe to fall.

summer wardrobe to fall denim-mini-skirt-and-otk-boots-0118
Photos: Isabell Jetchev

I really try to take it easy and not to overcomplicate the transition between seasons, still sometimes I had the feeling that no matter how many new things I buy, I have nothing to wear. You know the feeling? And this had to stop. So I took a deep breath and made a huge closet cleanse – which I strongly suggest to everyone at the the time between two seasons. It is just revealing to know what you already have to avoid unnecessary buys, and to get an overview of what you might actually need. I like to get a few key pieces of the new season, like over the knee boots (this season again), and combine them with old but loved things, right from my closet.

Closet cleanse is like a miracle. Makes you realise that you have much more clothes than you think you do. It’s like saving money.

There are a few key pieces of fall 2016 in this look with denim mini, like the OTK (over the knee) boots or the chunky knit. Both very popular last season as well and still going strong, so you most likely already have them. I invested in the booties, but other than them I just used my beloved old stuff from my newly arranged wardrobe. Still this look is brand new for me, I have never worn this combination. And now I am just wondering why not?! My favourite denim mini, used all summer, is now worn with thigh high boots and voluminous knit to keep me warm. Summer dresses work just as well great with booties, and adding a warm top over a favourite summer dress gives new life to it. It is all about experimenting with what you have. It is fun!

So instead of running to get the latest things we all are influenced to purchase by the commercials/magazines/bloggers, first lets just check what we already have and combine it with some necessary things to keep warm in the sweater weather. So simple, so good. 🙂 x

What are your trick and tips for the transitional time between seasons?

What I Wear

Chunky knit: Isabel Marant (similar) Denim mini: Topshop Over the knee boots: Stuart Weizmann Bag: Saint Laurent Necklace: Dylanlex

summer wardrobe to fall denim-mini-skirt-and-otk-boots-0238 summer wardrobe to fall denim-mini-skirt-and-otk-boots-0221 summer wardrobe to fall denim-mini-skirt-and-otk-boots-0258 summer wardrobe to fall denim-mini-skirt-and-otk-boots-0174 denim-mini-skirt-and-otk-boots-0250

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