How to wear fringes?

Fringes are around for a while and although I am a little hold back when it comes to (“too”) trendy pieces, this time I am ready to go with the flow and build some fringes into my wardrobe. I already have a few fringed accessories like this bag (or this bag), but somehow I have opened up to go a step further and get some clothing fringed up as well. Still not a head to toe fringed style but something like the looks below..


The skirt

I am totally falling for this fringed leather skirt, I love how it is styled with a basic t-shirt and heels. The mixture of specials and basics makes such an outstanding piece wearable even for someone like me, who does not always like to go THAT much out there with the latest trends.


The coverup

I am mostly amazed by fringed leather designs but I must admit there are other fabrics that can make fringes look pretty, like this silk fringed cape. Or a silk scarf .. Fringed silk adds to an effortless elegance and  sophistication by a discreet shine. Being a light fabric, it plays beautifully with moves and lights. Eye-catching, isn’t it?

The shoes

Obviously shoe designers can’t miss out the trend and I am glad to notice that there are actually several tasteful ways to upgrade basic footwear and make them shine out with fringes. My biggest concern regarding fringes was to have an universal cowgirl feeling when applied on shoes, but when I see sandals, heels or even flats with fringes, I don’t  really  associate them with pampas and cows. Boots or sandals, heels or flats, fringes can look glamorous on all.


The bag

What I never get bored of (and I find the smoothest way to build a trend into my wardrobe) is: accessorising. Bags are probably the safest accessories to display our latest passion with and the designers are  obviously aware of it. There has never been a trend that was missed to be exposed in a smart and wearable way by handbags, clutches, backpacks and so on.. It is just easy with bags. The versatility gives us the freedom to turn bags into the best servants of our look. Sometimes we use them to cover, sometimes they are funny and sometimes they decorate, like this pretty, red Gucci (I was lucky to have the smaller, green sister of it with me once).


What is your fringed favorite? Do you follow the trend?


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