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mumshandmade chunky knit leather pants-7534

Hello chunky knits

Having a long time break (wow this was my last post) gave my blogging mojo…

New year, new me – stylish with DVT

This might be the most personal post you have seen from me until now, but special occasions calls for special posts, right? And the beginning of 2018 turned out to be quite…
miu miu, teddy coat, leopard mules, gabriela hearst, celine

So this is Christmas…

It is cold outside which means its the perfect time for teddy coats plus Christmas…
FI long coat, socks style heels-8346

Don’t give up on autumn looks

In the last few years I had the feeling that there are no four seasons but only two. Spring or autumn looks were (are) missing and around October we kind of jumped…


Accessing photography-art the Post Collective way

Photography lovers, Post Collective is a concept you want to know about! You already heard from me enough times how much I like Instagram (despite of the currently confusing changes that are going on…


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