27(0) Dresses: Kleiderei Hamburg Re-Opening Party

Thekla & Pola
Image: Denys Karlinskyy

Do you remember the wardrobe of Jane Nichols, professional bridesmaid in 2008 rom com “27 Dresses“? Well, I cannot say I am as well-equipped as the main character and I have not been to a wedding for a long, long time now. Still, every now and then my wardrobe is filled to bursting with wonderful pieces inspired from fashion eras between 1920 and 2012…yes, my style is not yet elaborated, and I don’t care! Because now I will be able to borrow my future-ex-boyfriend-pieces instead of buying and wearing them just once – thanks to the alluring concept of Kleiderei Hamburg.

Easy as that: for 14 € per month, you can choose from a variety of skirts, jackets, shoes, tops, dresses and much more and keep/wear them up to 4 weeks. No more drama not knowing what to wear to the next premiere party, grandma’s birthday or your date night – Pola and Thekla are always there to style-counsel you and give you some wine and cookies against urgent styling dilemmas. Both the girls love fashion and the thought of sharing their wardrobe with friends who are interested in the long-loved-but-eventually-tossed, sophisticated pieces. “This is basically how the idea for Kleiderei was born. Me and Thekla often went to the city to buy clothes we would end up wearing for one night only and then not knowing what to do with it.”, Pola says.

Sharing is caring! Jacket by Moschino
Image: Margarita Junowitsch for SILKsofine

The idea turned out to be a typical strike: share economy and social consumption are a big issue nowadays. The national media and blogosphere flocked to the first Kleiderei spot at St.Pauli to get to cover this innovative concept. “There is a growing number of people who prefer to spend their money on some kind of a special shopping experience rather than paying anonymously at the check-out. There has to be a certain benefit to share economy to replace the money aspect, and that is to meet us here, to be given advice on your wardrobe if needed and to start your night with a fun hangout at Kleiderei as we have some make-up and wine here.” Basically all you need for a night out. So, when was the last time the two of them had bought something to wear at all? “Well, the point of the whole concept is not that there is no consumption anymore or that people stop buying fashion. This would be tragic because this would also mean no more new arrivals for Kleiderei. We both love fashion and designers and what we want to create is a certain awareness for consumption. We want people to consume fashion in a conscious way. So please, go on buying clothes, but think more about fabrics, about their manufacturing process and support (young) designers if you can.”

Gold for the night, stripes for daytime.
Image: Margarita Junowitsch for SILKsofine

Last year, Kleiderei Berlin opened with numerous Hamburg based young designers hanging from the clothes rail. Now, Kleiderei Hamburg celebrated its re-opening party last Friday at the OZM gallery spot in the middle of the Schanzenviertel, backed up by new Berlin designers and mixed with new and old pieces. At the same time, the new project Hotel Hamburg launched its “cloak room” at Kleiderei and keeps us curious for more to come: during the summer there will be various culture events where people can exchange their apartment keys and spend a quick vacation at other people’s flat. We look forward to get some more insights into this project. To stay updated, check out the facebook profile and page.

Kleiderei Hamburg, Bartelsstr. 65, 20357 Hamburg

Monday to Friday: 5 pm to 8 pm // and every first saturday of the month 3 pm to 6 pm (April 5, May 3, June 7, July 5, 2014)

Kleiderei Berlin at GOLDIG, Kastanienallee 60, 10117 Berlin

Monday to Saturday: 12 am to 8 pm.

Have fun with fashion!
Image: Margarita Junowitsch for SILKsofine
This bag says: “Less hate – more love!” We totally agree.
Image: Margarita Junowitsch for SILKsofine
This will take some time to choose…
Image: Margarita Junowitsch for SILKsofine
Image: Margarita Junowitsch for SILKsofine
Image: Lida Schuller for SILKsofine


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