5 +1 shoes to transition stylish from summer to fall

I am definitely a summer girl but I must admit there are a lot of things about fall that makes this time of the year beautiful. The nature with all the colours, the fresh air that clears the dusty summer days or the challenge to stylishly shift from summer to fall.

You definitely don’t need a whole new wardrobe for a colder season (post about it follows soon) but there is one thing in your general attire you surely need to change: your shoes. Sandals are holding on for a while (with long pants or so) but sooner or later you don’t want to have free toes. It is time to take a good look into our shoe-closets to find out if we have any of the following shoes to transition without fuss from hot to chilly.

1. Loafers

Flats over heels is still the actual statement, which I like a lot, because there are a lot of stylish loafers. I am not very much of a boy-meets-girl type, but more like a feminine type, so when I wear loafers than I surely would wear girly clothes. Just for a nice balance. Oh, and the furry loafer/slipper Gucci craziness is (surprisingly) still on!

2. Ballerinas

Ballerina everything is very popular now, tutu skirts, tight high bun or ballerina shoes. Miu Miu took over the ballerina front with a storm with their special looking laced ballerinas, but there are a lot of other ballerinas that you can choose from. Pity that I am not a fan of this trend at all.

3. Booties

Yessss! Something for me. Booties are amazing cause they go with everything. Keep your summer dress and add a pair of pretty booties to it and taadaaa: your perfect fall look is there. I keep my eyes on this laced Chloe booties for such a long time now. Should I get it? So then I would not eat for like a year or so but I would have those pretty things on my feet 😉 .

4. Pumps

Something that everyone has: pumps. Regarding the trend nose shapes almost doesn’t matter, but I would still go for a pointy toe. If you choose a lighter colour it makes your ankles look smaller and your legs look longer. This Gucci one is my old time favourite, but newly I dream about this one.

5. Sneakers

Wasn’t a question, wasn’t it? Sneakers are my very favourite footwear even in the snow (once a sneaker girl, always a sneaker girl) so I obviously well prepared for this one. Sometimes I am wondering how can they still find out new styles regarding sneakers, but there it is. Every single year there is something extra that makes me want to get a new pair of sneakers. Are you a Mickey fan?

+1 Mules

These are the type of shoes I can’t really categorise, since they are closed on the toe but open on the back. I think the toes matter the most, so I will definitely wear my leopard mules all the way from summer to fall. I like them most with block heel. How about you?

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