5 benefits of drinking hot water with ginger roots

Drinking hot water with ginger roots is kind of a miracle drink for me. Alone drinking hot water regularly has countless benefits regarding our health, by turning the temperature of our core up. Adding a few slices of ginger roots turns the heating power up and boosts the metabolism, which is beneficial not only for maintaining health but loosing weight and cosmetic purposes.

I while ago I have read an article about a Japanese diet through hot water, it is called the Sayu Diet. The method is very simple: heat water up and boil it for 5-10 minutes. Then let it cool down, officially to 50-60 °C – I would say in order to stay realistic and practical just let it cool down to a temperature when you can drink it. It obviously should be warmer then our body temperature but definitely not burning hot. Adding a few slices of ginger roots to the water before boiling it will boost the heating power of the water and leads to the result of burning more calories. It happens through warming up the internal organs that increases the metabolism. Drinking hot water with ginger also improves blood circulation that leads to detoxicate our body smoother. In summary here are 5 benefits of drinking hot water with ginger roots:

1. Cleansing and detoxicating our body

2. Boosts metabolism that leads to burning calories faster

3. Energising

4. Hydrates skin

5. Alleviate constipation related issues

I am very much up to trying so simple and effective methods like this. Do you know any more health boosters like this? Would love to hear about it! x

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