5 trends to keep eye on for fall 2016

Despite of the sad summer we are having here in the north of Germany it is still hard for me to get into “fall” modus. The shops are already full with the newest collections for autumn but the only thing I can do right now with all these beautiful (and warm) clothes is to review them, and choose five, for me most appealing trends. Here comes my trend report for Fall 2016.

Fall 2016

1. Track pants

Mix and match of different styles is a secret weapon of street style professionals, who are giving a pretty prestigious place for those sloppy track pants this season. Wear them with heels and you are absolutely on trend!


2. Chunky and oversized

Nothing new, so if you stocked your closet last winter with chunky knits and/or oversized anything than you can’t fail this fall. More hanging the better.


3. Ruffles

Ruffles are not only for summer! They keep on having a stable place in our closet for fall 2016 as well. In my personal opinion it needs quite a creativity to wear all those raffles and not looking like a little girl having a dress-up party, but hey, who doesn’t like challenges? 😉


4. Velvet

It is is everywhere! Jackets, dresses, pants or shoes, velvet is one of the most significant fabrics of the season. Very pretty and sensitive fabric, I best like it in burgundy or poison green.


5. Fur

Faux or real, fur is all over just like velvet. I personally like a lot when designers creatively mix different fabrics and the newest application of fur on the heels is one of my favourites. However I rather wear faux fur. It was not always like this, but looks like as the time goes I am more conscious of what actually it means to use real fur only for decorating.. like on the heels of shoes…


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