7 days 7 looks with Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor

Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor is a vibrant, energetic girl, having an incredibly positive attitude. Her colourful and happy personality is reflected in her styling –  this is what caught my attention when I saw her on Instagram. She likes to mix prints, wearing flats – I love her hair style and the way she is freely experimenting with whatever comes into her way. Oh, and have you seen her perfectly toned body? On her Instagram account occasionally she shows how she gets fit. After My Small Wardrobe you can get an insight of the flawless style of Diane through 7 days and 7 looks – with her personal notes on each look.

Day 1.

fashion on the 4th floor-1579

This head-to-toe striped look was for my hubby’s birthday dinner in Boston. Since I was showing a lot of skin on top (this The Fifth label halter is completely backless), I wanted to keep my Forever 21 pants loose and easy. Knowing we would be doing quite a bit of walking these Topshop flats mules were the smart choice, I love the pop of white!

Day 2.

fashion on the 4th floor-2487

Mixing prints and midi skirts have been an obsession of late! Midi skirts are so easy to incorporate into casual and dressy occasions and mixing prints practically doubles your wardrobe options. Walking the dog for coffee is our favorite part of the day and this is a vibrant choice for spring/summer. Surprisingly, these H&M platforms are so comfy for walking and I pair them with many of my looks.

Day 3.

fashion on the 4th floor-2761

We have a house in Florida and this night we enjoyed an outdoor concert. Since we were on the beach, thought it a crop top was appropriate. The nautical vibe of this look is perfect for summer.

Day 4.

fashion on the 4th floor-2019

Fashion can define your lifestyle and who you are as a person. This look sums me up pretty perfectly. It’s casual, a bit cheeky and fun (hehehe, I like wine and love volunteering with doggies) with a small does of tomboy chic. A well-fitted jacket is a must have in your closet and don’t be afraid to choose one in a bright color. You will be surprised how many looks it will complement.

Day 5.

fashion on the 4th floor-2392

There is nothing better than boyfriend jeans! They are so forgiving, comfy and versatile! I wear them multiple times of the week and this look is for a casual dinner. The weather is getting warmer, so it was time to go sleeveless and try to incorporate more white into my outfits. This clutch is so playful and adds the perfect pop of color.

Day 6.

fashion on the 4th floor-2786

I don’t own many heels. The ones I do own, I’ve had for years, they are comfortable and go with tons of looks. These Hinge cage heels are so versatile and the chunky heel is very supportive. Pairing dressy pants with a casual top is an easy way to create a cool look.

Day 7.

fashion on the 4th floor-2809

I work from home, so I have free reign to wear what I want. The winter weather makes me lazy since staying warm is my main objective. When spring/summer arrives, I feel so motivated to experiment and have fun with styling. This is a typical, everyday look; lots of skirts and bright colors.

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