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While I am still away (aloha, yay) this girl amazes me every single time I look at her Instagram feed. Laetitia from miss-mondo.com has a colourful and always fresh style, very diverse and always on trend – made me wonder where the inspirations come from. We started to chat (guess where? Of course on Instagram ūüėČ ) and she told me a little bit about herself. At that moment it was clear for me that she should be next to show 7 looks of her 7 days.

Laetitia was born and raised in Germany and she got her exotic look from her dad who comes from Jordan. She told me she was studying for being a doctor but right after her final exams she started flying and she decided to stay above the clouds. While working for Lufthansa for over 10 years she has already travelled to 62(!!) countries. And there it is! When you see her way of styling you can tell that this girl has seen a lot and transforms her experiences on an adorable way into a style only Miss Mondo can pull off. Come along and check out 7 looks of Laetitia, each look explained with her own words.

Day 1

7 looks laetitia, missmondo 1

In this look I combined two trend pieces: a checked blazer and shiny trousers. When you see both items separately you could probably not imagine that they look beautiful together. A classic checked blazer can also look pretty boring, but if you choose shiny trousers as an antagonist it is a fashionista¬īs outfit.

Day 2

7 looks laetitia, missmondo 2

I love to wear boyfriend jeans and oversized sweaters. Actually, I am more a Tom Boy than a Girly Girl. But sometimes I just ask myself: How can I upgrade my super casual outfit: then I wear some high heels and a statement sweater: é voila, a head turner look.

Day 3

7 looks laetitia, missmondo 3

Leather trench-coats are lifetime pieces. If you find a classic and high quality one, you can wear it through fashion decades. I found my perfect leather trenchcoat at Hugo Boss and combined it in Milan with polkadotted culottes and mid high granny pumps, which are very comfortable and ideal to walk in the hole day and do sightseeing in style.

Day 4

7 looks laetitia, missmondo 4

I totally love this pyjama inspired look. It definitely needs some fashion courage to wear, but if your are not in the mood to stand out too much (especially when you are living in a small town and not in Milan, Paris or London) just combine it with super classic accessories and a simple coat.

Day 5


Well, actually I was trying to find a look which underlines the most perfect lipstick I just bought from Chanel. It is sold out worldwide but luckily I found it on my travels to Japan.¬†Iceblue and white put this Red Chanel lipstick (Rouge Allure Inc. 154 Experiment√©) on a stage to shine. Did I mention that it is ‚Äěkiss-proof‚Äú ? ūüėČ

Day 6

What makes an outfit to a rememberable look? Exactly: the combination! When I was in Japan last year I saw this upcoming trend almost everywhere: tulle skirt over pants. I totally fell in love with it, because it makes every outfit special and outstanding. This combination would only be an outfit without the tulle skirt, but now it is a look.

Day 7

My heart was beating faster when I saw this grey checked midi skirt with the ruffled waistband and suspenders by H&M. You definitely don’t feel like a grey mouse when you combine it with a rose fur jacket and a classic Borsalino hat.

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