Autumn calling: TOP 3 SILKsofine trends to rock

The coming of Autumn is all over the fashion sites whether you like it or not. Delicate ponchos, long sweaters, bold prints and the raise of 60’s are for sure gonna be huge in-s, but we as well predict some other style hits to embrace. The glory of faux fur and faux leather, felt hats or the robe coats have come with the wind too. Is it just us, or are you as well craving a moment of gentle coldness? We are keen to share our favourite trends for Fall 2014 of ours with you – Autumn calling!


Faux fur & leather are IN!

It would not be fall or winter without the cozy plush furs that keep you oh-so-warm from the inside, as from the outside. Here we come to a dilemma though; real or fake? Wearing faux fur or faux leather can have various reasons and excuses; ethics, lifestyle the price point. Being a vegetarian and a not too radical animal activist, I was wondering; does wearing faux fur and leather sends the message that real fur is fashionable? Some people, like me, tend to disagree. Since today’s fake furs and fame leathers can be nearly indistinguishable from the natural ones (just think of those perfect Stella McCartney bags), looks like there’s a need for it. Hence by wearing it; we create the market. We’ve got to a point that not only the mass market, but brands like DKNY, MSGM, Tory Burch, Saint Laurent or By Malene Birger are seem to be following the steps of our favourite McCartney and go ‘fake’. Even they only produce a few items of such; looks like the market has demand for a change. Let’s take up with the idea of faux ladies; it’s in and this is just the beginning.


The felt hat obsession continues

I’ve already been touching the ‘being a hat person or not‘ yes-or-no question previously, do you remember? If you have not decide it yet where you belong, I have a suggestion for you. Invest in a wide-brimmed, felt hat this Fall and I’m sure you will be having hard times taking it off. Not only are hats great at hiding on bad hair days, but felt hats can transform a casual outfit into a rather sophisticated one. On cooler days, hats will make the perfect match with your chunky faux fur vest of elegant robe coats so you can look both super classy or completely hype. It’s just a matter of styling. Choose a safe black one, or a neat earthy tone if you are hat-virgin yet, else you could also go for a bright one and grace the covers of street style pages during the Fashion Week season. Will you take my advice and have a hattie head on your well-dressed shoulders? Let me know how did it go and before, check out for more styles here!


It's a robe coat army, watch out!

Emphasizing the waist just like back in the 60’s is breathing on a whole new level this Fall. After the sexy army of high-waisted skirts, denims and slim peplums the time of robe coats has come. Although wrapped blanket like coats and ponchos were all over the catwalks, we would argue that Fall 2014 is the season of the robe coat too. Looks like everyone from Altuzarra through Isabel Marant to Chloe showed toppers that could double as bathrobes. (Do designers really want to make us look like we’ve just got off from the sofa??? – we were wondering at SILKsofine). Probably yes, and we dutifully enjoy it. As being one of the most versatile coat trends, it’s offered in just about every colour, fabric, length leaving us plenty of choices and endless shopping possibilities…Oups, watch out coat addicts! (It’s also a note to myself) Actually, whenever something cozy comes along, it is certainly (and warmly) welcome. Dare not to get trapped in the coat heaven!


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