5 tricks to make you look the best on your photos

Remember the scene in Friends when Chandler Bing was just not able to have a suitable photo with Monica cause he could just not look normal when the camera was pointing at him (video bellow)? He was not relaxed so he was doing a face what ruined his anyway charming look. I feel I am Chandler sometimes when it comes to “face posing”. I just can’t really. Not because I am not comfortable in front of the camera but because I am still on the search to find MY look. However recently I have learnt a few tricks to make the best out of the given.

This is my The Serious look. But without squinching. // ALL images: Anny O. for SILKsofine

As I observe people while collecting inspirations all over the World Wide Web, I have realised that  facial expressions are very tricky when photographing. We live in a world where photographs are taken online more than ever, including portraits taken by ourselves. There is no age, gender or any kind of limit to take selfies, and so we all do. I tried it too. A few times. Still don’t feel it. But the reason might be that I am still experimenting to find out what my “pretty” look is. If I should categorise people’s look on selfies (or any other profile photos) I would say there is not more than two real big categories. Look nr.1.: The Serious. These are people who look fabulous and irresistible when they don’t smile. Smiling is not their thing and it doesn’t suit them either. Simply they look the best with straight lips and squinching. They look not only pretty but very confident and have a kind of careless expression which I admire a lot. Cause I just can’t seem to do it. I am most likely belong to the nr.2. category: The Smiley. Cause somehow I seem to have a better facial structure when I smile. At least it seems to me. On this photo-shooting we were fooling a bit around with both facial expressions and my opinion is that I need to keep smiling or have to seriously practice to look good when I am serious. What do you think? And which group do you belong to?

A few tricks I have learnt so far to make profile photos (or selfies) look the best:

1. Close your mouth and push your tongue to your teeth in the front and smile a little. This gives a stronger contour to your jaw and lifts up the double chin if you have one.

2. When you smile with open mouth sing: lalalalilililalalalili. No joke. It really works. You are singing without any spectacular articulation, so your mouth looks like you are only smiling. And because it is really silly, it makes you relaxed. You laugh genuinely. Your photographer will (never :P) get used to it.

3. Find your better profile. We all have one, but sometimes what you think to be the best side is not the same as what others think is the best. Ask your best friends. Or your photographer.

4. No duck face! Seriously that just doesn’t look good on anyone. If you have beautiful full lips you don’t need it anyway and in case you don’t, then duck face will not help to make your lips look fuller, but you to look silly.

5. Find out which category you belong to: The Serious or The Smiley. And remember it when you are photographed next time.

What I wear:

All the black fur accessories I could find in my house :), including a fur bolero (Crèton), a scarf (Stefanel) and a  fur hat (Dolce & Gabbana). Extra long sleeve dress: Haider Ackermann. Boots: Robert Clergerie . Necklace: Zara. Sunglasses: Dior.

That is me. Dolna, The Smiley.


Absolutely lovely Zara necklace. Once I pull all the fur off this is going to take it’s right place.
Not The Serious but not The Smiley either. It just didn’t work anyhow. But you can see the full outfit frontal..

Are you a Chandler?


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