Favourite Spring Things

Blogger Collective is making a link up first time and I have got inspired by their theme: Favourite Spring Things. Cause it is spring. Cause I already feel the smell of the blooming flowers (in my head) and it makes me want to reborn together with the nature. Spring is fresh, spring is inspiration and I am very much in the mood for bright colours and light weight fabrics.


Ethnic style is one of my fascination currently (especially in the form of this beautiful bucket bag) but of course my passion about the 70’s inspired looks hasn’t changed a bit. Only I am longing for freshness and when I see a beautiful yet simple dress like this, I am very much motivated to fish out my fitness card (from the bottom of my shelve) and make some efforts to at least try to fit into such a dress.. Also I am about to get bold again with some statement jewellery and want to keep fringes around.. I am trying not to go too far with my wish-list (which is a pretty difficult task for someone like me) and start the spring with a few versatile pieces – which I believe these picks are.

More Favourite Spring Things


I would love to get inspired by your spring things, not exclusively outfits but decoration, DIY or whatever that makes you happy at this time of the year. Don’t be shy to share the link to your blog in the comments! x

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