How to wear (fake) fur at spring

To wear (fake) fur at spring might sound a bit crazy, especially when we all are waiting for getting rid of our winter clothes and jump into something light and breezy. However I find it to be an interesting combination to mix and match spring and winter. Cause you can.

All images: Anny O. for SILKsofine

Victoria Beckham was among the first ones to ignore the weather reports and show some serious confidence (and sexiness) with bare legs and culottes at the middle of the winter. Since then the “bare legs” syndrome infected most of the fashion conscious crowd. I am not particularly fan of being “trendy” and freeze with bare legs when it is 0 °C outside, except maybe when I know I will be transported with a car from door to door. However now, at spring time, when it is not really warm and mostly not expectable how the weather turns out, I do dare to bare. Plus, to tell the truth, I purchased this coat a short while ago and I really couldn’t get enough of wearing it. So I decided to wear less clothes under it just to justify the legitimacy of my fake fur coat at spring. Wearing mini skirts and no stockings with a winter coat is a tricky balance, but I promise you, you will not feel cold – I didn’t. So there is no magic here just balance having bare legs with a warm coverup. Do you dare? x

What I Wear:

Fake fur coat: Miu Miu Denim shirt: Chloè Denim Skirt: Chloè Sandals: Valentino Bag: Gucci Sunglasses: Chloè

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