June’s Ten: Inspirations to feed the soul

Long time I am planning to start a monthly collection to expose my inspirations, and now the time finally has arrived to make my first post about it. Let me introduce you ten fashion and beauty inspirations that might shape your visions just as they do shape mine.

1. Slides + pretty dress

This combination is a bold one, still I can’t veto the choices of Chiara Ferragni. The slides are not how they were before, they have a real chic appearance since the fabrics used for applications are special. These MSGM rubber slides are appliquéd with the brands logo in black terry- very smart and no doubt about it’s comfort.


2. Bold colours

First I wasn’t sure if it is the statement jewellery or the striking colour of the bag that is more inspiring. I still can’t decide. I really feel the collision of the robo-bug and the gemstones, however the pretty design and strong hue of the clutch is the one I can identify with more.


3. New lengths

This might only stay an inspiration and never gets to be materialised in the form of a pair of knee length culottes, because I think this style looks the best on thin legs. Of course some killer heels can easily solve this issue, so who knows, I am not saying never.


4. Statement jewellery

Here we go again: this style is absolutely fascinating. Not only the necklace is beautifully bold but the matching shirt appliqué is my absolute favourite. I am a person of details and this one is definitely topping my most stylish list. Love it.


5. Fringed sandals

I am a big fan. I actually have found my very favourite fringed sandals of the season, but unlucky me, the design of the sole is not for my happy feet. Long and thin feet are punished to fight against too wide straps in the front of sandals. Still, this pair is an absolute eye catcher, denim is a great idea to style it with.


6. New retro bag

70’s are still on, but this bag definitely doesn’t feel old. Not only the metal accessories are the coolest by being so sleek, but the special leather makes here a huge impression. Not to mention the beautiful and refreshing blue hue. Perfection.


7. Uplifted military

I love and have worn military style forever. Now I am pretty happy to acknowledge that it has a rightful place in the fashion scene. When Chanel says yes, that can’t be wrong, right?


8. Disco fever

Plates and round sunglasses are guarantying a fabulous Saturday night fever. When first I looked at this images I was pretty surprised to realise it was not our favourite City girl who is posing. Anyhow, Carry surely would be proud of this look and I am inspired.


9. Smoky eyes

Something I wish to try for so long now that I am even shamed of sharing that I have never (EVER) had this make up done on me. How is that even possible?! Anyway, this could be my half-a-year resolution: I will have smoky eyes in 2015. No way back now.


10. Perfect messy hair

I have been at my hair stylist this week and I definitely asked her for making me a messy hair instead of my always well groomed mid-length bob. She succeeded and I had the perfect messy hair for like a few hours, but the somehow it got messed (up). I need to practice to make it myself for every case.


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