Layering for Fall with Isabel Marant

Layering for fall is not only practical (cause you never know if it will be too warm, better keep the option open to take off something) but it looks good as well. If you do it tastefully. Cause I am still not fan of bold (or just plane terrible) layering looks like dresses over pants. Rather something decent, like a mini skirt / oversized shirt / chunky knit combo.

IMG_5749 lighter
All images: Anny O. for SILKsofine

Recently I have seen some very inspiring layering looks and of course for fall there is nothing more practical. And as I am still not willing to let bare legs go, I decided to dress very warm on the top, trying to balance the missing heat from hips under.  I actually succeeded, cause I was not freezing at all. But it might be the booties, which instead of my bare legs, justified the temperature (and the season). I am still totally falling for Isabel Marant and this time I had two favourites from her on: a chunky knit (last season, you can see it already in this outfit) and a (very) mini skirt.

About the skirt: I love the fabric (bouclé) but probably the best is to stay standing in them cause they are not covering much when you sit down. I was wearing it in a restaurant and I had to use my napkin to cover my thighs when I was sitting – I didn’t lift the napkin up until we stood up again. Oh well, this is only a small note, I will wear the skirt anyway again cause it is really superb.

The shirt under the chunky knit is my husband’s, I still keep on stealing some of his shirts (????) because they are just the right length for an oversized style. As you see there is no big secret about layering here, the only thing important for me to take care of when layering is the play with fabrics (bouclé, wool and chunky knit this time) and of course the length of the clothes I use. Do you have any favourite layering look? Share the link to your outfit in the comments! x

What I Wear:

Chunky knit: Isabel Marant Shirt (man): Burberry Skirt: Isabel Marant Booties: Opening Ceremony Bag: Chloe

IMG_5795 lighter

Inspired by this look:

IMG_5837 lighter IMG_5514 lighter

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