Christmas Gifts to Girls You Love (Including Yourself)

My Black Friday wish list was already a Christmas gifts to girls kinda selection, a list that is much easier (and longer) to put together than a gift list to someone who has everything (have you seen the MEN edition?). In this post I am much more focused  on pretty, christmasy presents, things we probably would not buy to ourselves but would be very happy to have (I sure would be lol). I consciously excluded all the beauty products, I think it really is worth it to make a separated beauty gift post as there are way too many great products available.

I always try to make my Christmas gifts a little more special and get things to my loved ones that they do not necessarily “need”. Of course when there is something useful that is too pricey just to buy at any time, then it could be also a great Christmas present, like for example a laptop, that I am in the need of (love you Santa). But if it is about to be socks or scarves, then I rather go for cashmere socks or a dreamy silk scarf. My Christmas gifts to girls selection is kind of like that. The most expensive item is 390 € in it (Miu Miu pouch) but in my opinion every single piece is very special. Hope you find something that you or your loved ones might not need but would love to have 😉 ..

(click on the images, to take you to the shop where you can get the items)


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