The winter escape – my Caribbean summer looks

They say your year will be spent as it started and I wish it was true. Only because mine started with a fantastic vacation on the Caribbean, where the ocean is turquoise and the sun is always high. I am going to introduce you the island I have been (Saint Barthélemy or St. Barts as you might know better) in a following travel post but this time it is all about my summer looks for a winter escape. Don’t forget to let me know which one is your favourite 😉 !

summer looks

It is always a big dilemma what to pack when it is minus degrees outside and I am heading to the heat. Somehow it is difficult to imagine that a few hours later I will not need winter boots or a huge coat to keep me warm, so I always pack too much, because I prepare for the “what if” question: what if its raining?, what if storm comes?, what if it starts to snow? (ok, maybe not to snow but you never know :P) what if my mood changes? ..and so on.. At the same time my husband is so very easy about packing that this time I decided to follow his way and pack really (really!) light – keeping a lot of space for new stuff 😉 . Anyway I have to admit, the Caribbean is pretty much a stable place weather-wise, so you surely don’t need long pants or sweatshirts in January. Anyway if you are even a little bit like me when it comes to packing for a winter escape, then a few Caribbean summer looks might come handy and hopefully inspiring.

Summer looks 1. – Arrival/Departure

To talk about what to wear for long haul flights needs an other full post, so only short about this look: I travelled in wide leg cropped jeans (comfy to sleep in them), a sleeveless crocheted top and sneakers. Of course a chunky knit, scarf and hat was in my hand luggage from/to my cold home. As a handbag I prefer a bigger size that I can close (safety first) – my current favourite is this Celine trapeze bag – you can get pre-loved ones here..


Summer looks 2 – the obligatory white dress

As you will see I am pretty much a dress person at summer time, and this makes it quite obvious that I surely bring a white cotton dress with me. The reason is simple: it is the most comfortable wear and a jolly joker. Even if you don’t have the feel of the place yet, you still can’t go wrong with this kind of look. I just added a scarf for making a little difference.

Summer looks 3. – beach dress worn for breakfast

I totally enjoy the fact that you can wear a beach cover up for breakfast, but to make it a little more uplifted I added a belt and my all time favourite hat by Forte Forte. The dress is a nice memory from this island for a few years ago and now I have purchased the belt and the hat at my new favourite store of the island, Volver St. Barth.


Summer looks 4. – for a shopping tour

St. Barts is an island where you can not not to go shopping. Beside of the fact that every single resort has a shop filled with designer items, in Gustavia (the capital) you can find from treasury beach shops till the most finest stores everything. And when you find a shop which is like your very own style heaven fallen on earth, well, then you go back there surely more then ones, like me to Volver St. Barth (that is where this shirt dress is from).


Sneakers are great for long walks in the evening but during the day I find them too hot, so I slipped into these Ancient Greek Sandals white slides instead (similar here). The Hermès Apple Watch is from Santa (love you!). Beautiful colour, isn’t it?


Summer looks 5. – the bikini

Well, you surely need a few bikini for the beach (by the way just have read that monokini is not really tolerated on St. Barts, not that I am one who like is a lot but good to know). I have packed of course a few bikinis but there is no vacation without purchasing a few new ones. I couldn’t resist this beautiful Zimmermann bikini. From the front it is very simple, looks like an average triangle black bikini, but the back… The sunnies are Prada.


And on me…


Summer looks 6. – dinner looks

I so enjoy that the evenings are so nice warm at the Caribbean, you do not have to wear any coverup – which is impossible here in the north of Germany, when in the warmest summer evening you still need a poncho or something.. Off the shoulder tops were already my favourites last year and now this dress is like a dream. Peter Pilotto. Absolute stunning design, perfect for a nice dinner. You can get it here.

IMG_3336 A more casual look I wore for an evening, a new skirt by Masscob – can you find out where I got it from? Hint: my favourite shop on the island. LOL. Just added a t-shirt and the most comfortable block-heels for the heat.


An other angle where you can see the sandals (similar here) and my beautiful Tamara Comolli necklace with Tahitian pearls:


Summer looks 7. – wandering on the island

St. Barts is not a big island, you can drive around the whole place in like an hour and so we did that – more times actually because it is breathtaking every time. For a tour I was wearing the most versatile piece that everyone owns: denim shorts. I wore them over my one piece swimsuit which is already a few seasons old but I can’t go without it to a beach vacation. It works as a top and in case you find a place where you want to go in the water then tadaa: take off your shorts and go. The oh-so-beloved Chanel espadrilles are also a loyal travel companion of mine but the kaftan.. That is a new love from the same store I bought half of my looks here (lol) . Volver St. Barth, we will meet again 🙂 .



summer looks

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