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For today’s post you shall prepare your stylish flip flops as well your great imagination because we will take you to a summer (and winter) paradise! Occasionally we like to bring you some travel inspirations, as we are really keen to get away from our every day surroundings from time to time and experience something new and exciting or just get some relaxing time in the sun. Based on our personal experiences just like we did for instance with Valencia, the Maldives or Malta previously, this time we would like to invite you to Biarritz a real treasure at the Atlantic coast. Whether you are dreaming of a winter getaway or already planning your summer vacation, Biarritz is definitely a place to be!


Biarritz is located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in the Aquitaine region on France’s southwestern coast. Undoubtedly, the luxurious seaside town is more than popular with tourists and surfers thank to its posh coast. In the middle of the 19th century it blossomed from a tiny fishing village to a flourishing town as the French royals started to spend their summers in Biarritz, residing in the beautiful royal palace. It got known around whole Europe and attracted also English, German and Spanish nobles. Nowadays the former palace resembles the absolutely stunning 5 Star Hôtel du Palais located right at the Grand Plage, the cities biggest beach with a large promenade and many cafés where you can enjoy a delicious café au lait in the great French sun with perfect view of the turquoise water. My lovely colleague Isabell had the chance to spend some quality time in Biarritz so this time it’s her turn to tell us more about this wonderful place:

Well, yes I had the greatest time and fell absolutely in love with this small town! I have rarely seen a town with such a flair, such a pretty architecture and the ocean right in front – absolutely stunning! The city of 26.000 inhabitants not only offers many little boutiques and local specialities but also has a gallery Lafayette that will definitely fulfill all your shopping dreams with latest collections from French brands from Chanel to Cartier. Also the many patisseries and chocolate factories will make your hearts melt…you definitely should not miss trying out the best white nougat ever! Although it is not the biggest of towns, Biarritz has many bars and restaurants and has a radiant nightlife to offer. If the Hôtel du Palais is a bit over the top for you the Rue de Port Vieux or the Place Sait-Eugénie are places to check with many little hotels not overly pricey and the restaurants and shops are very close by.
In the 1960ies the European surf culture was born at the beach of Côte de Basque, which is still known as THE longboard spot. Thus the town has a strong surfing culture and is hosting competitions like the Roxy Jam with lots of artists and music contributors besides the worlds best woman long boarders. Unfortunately the crowds are never missing from the water but if you get lucky you can have a beautiful strip of clean waves or you can sidestep to the many coastlines around the town. Besides shopping, eating out or surfing there are also other things to do around town. If you like the ocean and its creatures you can visit the Musée de la Mer, it is only a small aquarium located in the ancient warehouse buildings of the town but still a good choice if you are less fortunate with the weather. A very nice place with a beautiful view is the Rocher de la Vierge, a cluster of rocks leading into the ocean, while you can also visit the great Lighthouse or the Place Sait-Eugénie with the cathedral Saint Eugénie. For me most important is the unique feeling you have in Biarritz. It has such a beautiful architecture with so many little castle-like houses. The most famous of those is probably the Villa Belza, located on the cliffs overlooking the Côte de Basque. The surfer scene is right in front so it made already several magazine covers as an amazing backdrop! 
Over the past years Biarritz has further grown closer with the cities of Bayonne and Anglet actually building one bigger town. Also Bayonne has a dreamlike medieval center with similar little shops and boutiques characterizing the szene thus making it worth a visit. Furthermore the Spanish border is only half an hour away and a quick trip to San Sebastian, which is only 50 km away is quite possible.



Undoubtedly the beach town is truly having its tourist renaissance and is currently considered super hype among both the youth culture and adults with an adventurous mindset craving some luxury blended sporty holidays. And if you wouldn’t believe us, head over to New York Time’s 36 hours in Biarritz guide and try to deal with all their tips! As they described the place it only sounds worthy to visit: ‘From bronze beauties in designer sandals to drop-out surfers in frayed flip-flops, Biarritz’s beaches are shared by everyone. Here, large rocks frame the sunset off Grand Plage.’ Thanks to Isabell, I’m desperately craving some winter getaway but I guess Biarritz has to wait – at least till the summer. But until then enjoy your virtual getaway and if you’re planning to get your flight tickets booked, let us know, we might see you there!;) PS I owe Isa a delicious cocktail and a big thank you for her great photos that literally made me melt away.




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