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In April I am going to attend THE HIVE conference in Berlin, first time ever. I am pretty excited to see how such a social event folds out, but I already can tell the way attendees are already getting into contact is fantastic. The organiser of the conference initiated to get to know each other better through writing 40 facts about ourselves, which turned out to be a very challenging idea. After reading already a lot of other 40facts, I decided to give it a go. I am telling you, to write 40 things about yourself is not easy. At least not for me. But thank you Yvonne for this challenge, here come 40 facts about me.

40facts FI
Luna and me // Image: Anny O. for SILKsofine

1. Anti-pokerface: I hardly can hide my true emotions, love or hate (and everything between) is readable on my face.

2. I admire people who are good at public speaking.

3. When I had to choose between English and German language in the elementary school, I went for English without hesitation and I promised to never learn to speak German cause I didn’t like the sound of it. Then I met the love of my life. Guess where he is from.

4. I am in love with my daughter.

5. When I was little I was taught to be a pianist. I had had to practice 4 hours a day, since age 4. When I turned 16 I felt strong enough to go against my parents will and after that I barely played the piano for about 15 years. Now we are good friends again (me and my piano).

6. I hate flying. Still fly a lot.

7. I barely watch tv programmes. When something then mostly news.

8. However I love movies. I like to let myself to get lost in easy, no-need-to-think-at-all movies, cause I am concerned about having way too much sadness in the world in real life, so I don’t want to get affected by misery via movies. I just want to have fun.

9. I always watch movies in their original language cause I want to hear the original voice of the actors. When needed then with subtitle.

10. I did bungee-jumping when I was 20. Still can’t believe I did that.

11. I am a fanatic driver. I would drive by car everywhere if I could.

12. At age 18 I have started to seriously research religions, in order to find my own belief. I might be closer now but no 100% success. However I totally believe in fate.

13. I would love to live in a place where the weather is warm and stable. Somehow still can’t make myself leave the north of Germany.

14. I am a dreamer and the glass is always half full.

15. I love eating. Meat not so much but in general I could eat the whole day. Every day.

16. Last year I had eaten Ben&Jerry every single evening for about 5 month. Didn’t dare to tell anyone. (Now I am off of it but still very hard to moderate my addiction to sweets.)

17. I totally enjoy to be alone, never bored. Sometimes I must remind myself to get social.

18. At the same time I totally enjoy to have social life. Parties, dinners, travels, whatever with friends, I am always up to it. But usually it is not me who initiate (see point 17) but I am very happy when someone does.

19. I am blessed to have true friends. Handful but real, beautiful souls.

20. My passion has no time limit. When I like doing something I don’t mind to skip sleeping. I can go on like a Duracell bunny.

21. I love to get to learn about cultures and I already feel sorry for most likely not being able to personally visit every single country in the world. But I do my best.

22. I am truly thankful for having a balanced life. I do not ignore, not even for a day, how different it could be.

23. I consider myself to be a sporty person, but if you asked my husband.. his disagreement might be because sometimes I do sports intensively for half a year and then nothing for a year.. Now that I think about it maybe I am not that much of a sporty person.

24. In secret I am dreaming about learning to be a dancer. Ballet, free-style, classic, you name it. I am planning to look for a dance school for about 15 years now. I am sure the time will come.

25. I wish there are no country borders and no separate nationalities. But then again, I totally enjoy different cultures (see point 21).

26. I am a notorious online shopper and I am good at it. I have daily updated overview of most of the European online stores and rarely have to send back anything because of size or fit problems.

27. My husband hates to go shopping with me, cause I never buy anything at first try. I like to go around all the possible shops, look very carefully around and after I have seen everything I return to the stores I liked the most. Actually I can understand him.

28. Live and let live!

29. I am an extraordinarily patient person. But you do not want to know what happens when my patience is over.

30.  People who don’t know me misjudge my observing nature and think I am an inaccessible person. But this is a false prejudice. A while ago I have given up fighting it.

31. I live in Germany for 9 years now.

32. I am a “cooking” person. Baking doesn’t attract me.

33. Sometimes I tend to speak way too much. Then I try consciously remind myself to let others speak. When I can’t shut up I am not offended when someone stops me speaking.

34. At the same time my friends say I can be a good listener.

35. I am not afraid of “man-work”. I personally fixed my very first car (Polski Fiat) several times, even sometimes at night, on the street, when it left me hanging. That car has taught me a lot.

36. I have good sense for electronics, computers, anything machinery.

37. I am not a quitter. But sometimes it shows on a stupid weird way. For example when I start to read a book, it doesn’t matter how bad it is, I must read it till the end.

38. After my high school graduation I couldn’t decide if I should go to university or rather study something practical. I was a hairdresser student for half a year.

39. Then I did my bachelor (PR – Communication) in Hungary – worse student years. I did my masters (IT Product Design) in Denmark – best student years.

40. I believe in life-long learning. You might find me studying/learning something at age 80. Maybe dancing (see point 24).

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