TOP 10 trendy hairstyles a.k.a no more bad-hair-days

Whether you’ve got messy beach waves, long straight locks or short black hair there are plenty of options to look different day by day. We, SILKsofine girls love to experiment with new hairstyles, styling products or even hairdressers. Are you up to some proper hairstyling? There’s no excuse for a bad hair day – Let’s try out some of the coolest catwalk hairstyles together!

Top 10 SILKsofine hairstyles straight from the catwalk (All images: Fairchild)


As much as we love daydreaming and escaping reality during the Haute Couture fashion shows while reviewing unearthly enchanting gowns that much we adore to see make-up and hairstyling tips that can be done at home. Whether we think of plaits, waves, fringe or hair embellishments these top 10 SILKsofine picks are tress trends that keep on never fading but always coming back. Androgyny is having a moment and as do retro, super-sexy beach waves or cute braids. The colour ways are definitely speak of a natural palette and instead of ombre, one shade hairstyle and slightly sun bleached ones are trending. Which hairstyle do you fancy the most? Any other oh-so-trending tips I might have forgotten? Let us know after check out our favourite hairstyles below!


Since it’s summer time, let this style be your beach-day hair hero! A tidy ballerina bun with a nice silk scarf for the retro finish will make a chic statement at the seaside. Works properly with short hair too!


Off to the office and lacking time? This sleek shall-shaped bun shall be your ultimate office hair do. It’s easy yet neat!


Any kind of braids – alternating between braiding techniques like the chain link braid, a loose classic plait or a fishtail technique are among the season’s biggest in! We love them!


Autumn is about to reach us and you will have to forget the 30 something degrees. Play hide and seek with innocent eye-skimming bangs during the upcoming season!


Go mad with overall braids at once! An easy yet cute front braid is great even for a bad weather day – it’s much easier to manage as it looks!


These loose, carefree random waves are looking lovely with two pinned back front sections fixed with an embellished hair grip. I guess we all wish to have this amount of hair, don’t we?


Slightly rounded waves placed on one side will always do the work. Perfect off-duty style that can be done in a minute or two!


Tucked-in pony? Hell yes! I-don’t-care kind of loose, backcombed half up-do-s are so in! It’s simple, stylish and weather-proof. The festivals are calling!


Never underestimate the power of a good blow-dry and a hair-straightener. The super straight locks are back or never even faded, the point is; let it look hot and done whether it’s short or long.


Have too much hair and wish to make cool statement? Elastics are childish – said no one ever. Long life long hair!


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