Alexa Chung is honest about the Fashion Industry in the latest video of i-D

What is it about fashion industry that makes it so appealing to a lot of us? Alexa Chung tells her own version of being an fashion insider, what she thinks about fashion industry in general and we get to know what one must take to be known in Fashion Land. Absolutely entertaining!

With so many of us interested in making a career in fashion I find these kind of videos very important. Alexa Chung is honest and personal and this just makes her even more sympathetic. The British tv-host and contributing editor of British Vogue is absolutely convincing about not to take fashion industry too serious and look for fun in any ways possible. Watching a video like this might be the perfect encouragement to feed our confidence and Nr.1. just leave as fast as possible everything behind and look for new profession or Nr.2. to go on and rock it despite of the valleys on our fashion hike. x

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