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I am a big denim fan (proof here or here) so I am obviously glad to see that it never goes out of style. At the same time I think it must be challenging to create something new out of denim. The fabric is around since the mid 19th century and the use of it went through a lot of changes since the time when it was “only” a fabric to make durable workwear. A lot of times I am very positively surprised by the creativity of the designers but some tries are more desperate than innovative. As the new season is ahead of us I picked a few very interesting denim pieces from the latest arrivals of the online shops. Would love to hear what you think of these designs!



Denim shoes are not exactly new but there are new designs that are extremely eye-catching. For example Joshua Sanders – who has never been shy to make outstanding pieces – put a giant bow to our feet, made of denim. And then comes Aquazzura and Saint Laurent and makes denim shoes look as feminine as ever. These Tom Ford denim boots didn’t make to my wish list but they are surely something I have never seen before.


When I was in school in the middle of the 90’s I had a denim backpack but it was nothing to compare to these fantastic denim bags. Stella McCartney is using different flower motives on different sizes of Falabellas and Valentino’s embellished butterflies collection involves almost all the classic Valentino bag designs, of course backpack included! Check out here.


I have never though of wanting a swimsuit out of denim… until now. These fabrics are of course specially created blend that is suitable for swimming and sunbathing, but still denim – totally crazy and I totally love it.


The time is long over when “denim jacket” meant a short, sporty cut with packets on the breast. Patchwork denim cape, fur-lined parka or a long coat are very much in and I love them all. It is really worth to check out how this cape is styled here. The cape alone is very special, but to wear it like this makes it even more.

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