All white look and a confession for spring

Finally it is sunny outside and it is seriously changing my mood regarding styling. I am totally ready now for all the pastels and of course an all white look can not be missed either. It is just so pure, so clean and minimalistic that taking photos of it was a real pleasure. And trust me, here pleasure is overrated in the grey times.

all white look
Photos: Isabell Jetchev

I am not telling anything new when I say everything seems to be much better, lighter and fun when the sun is shining. I was standing in front of my closet, and what usually takes hours, was very easy now. I have found my all white look in seconds, and I am sure it is due to the happiness that seems to fill everything (and everybody) in my house. We all are just so easy and we see the whole world different. The bad becomes not too bad, the hard becomes lighter and the dark becomes brighter. Spring is my happy season, most favourite time of the year. I become motivated and inspired, which was badly needed in the last times.

Some more favourites for an all white look

I had a kind of winter-coma until now, didn’t feel creative not to mention that I didn’t feel very well at all. My optimistic nature puts me in a standby modus when such a time comes, so I do not go too deep down, and thanks to the awakening nature at spring time I come out of my shell and get my life back. I do not know how you survive long, grey winters, do you have any tips? xx

What I Wear

Turtleneck top: Zara (similar hereLong vest: By Marlene Birger (similar herePants: (nude) Heels: Gianvito Rossi Bag: Celine (pre-loved hereSunglasses: Dior (pre-loved here)


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