Art of shopping – 7 rules of a savvy shopper

I have got a lot of questions lately about where I go shopping, what my monthly budget is, or how many times I shop clothing in a a month. I thought the best is to make a whole post about it, instead of answering one by one. It might be inspirational for those who like to be stylish without spending big budgets on fashion.

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 A short while ago I have posted 40 facts about myself and one of the 40 was about shopping. More specifically about online shopping. I am notorious and I much more enjoy online shopping than going from shop to shop. Probably because I have some strange habits when it comes to shopping (see Point 27) and also because I like to have an overview, so I can compare before buying. Learning from mistakes I made in my twenties -like spending money on things that had a fake value- a few years ago I decided to follow certain rules when it comes to shopping.

Check the trends before buying anything: I always check the upcoming trends, so most of the time I already know what I would like to get before I enter any (online) stores. It saves a lot of time for me, which is in my case very important. I have not much patience for shopping (weird, right?).

Timeless over trendy: When it comes to “trendy” I never buy expensive pieces. Trends come and go. If ever, then I prefer to give more money out for timeless pieces.

Mix & Match: I mix high fashion and fast fashion (timeless vs. trendy again).

Quality over quantity: I never buy questionable quality of shoes or bags. Good quality shoes are important for a healthy feet and bags are probably the most versatile pieces in a woman’s wardrobe.

Sell what you don’t need: I sell what I do not wear anymore. I have an account on Vestaire Collective (look for DOLNA). They are trustful and reliable. Sometimes they do auctions with famous people, who sell their pre-loved items and offer the money for charity. I like that.

Buy pre-loved designer items: Just as well, occasionally I shop designer pieces on Vestaire Collective (In Germany REBELLE is very similar, but I have no experience with them, yet).

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!: I do not buy a whole new dress every time I go out. With well chosen accessories an older dress can get a whole new look.

And that would be it. These are the 7 rules I follow when it is about shopping. We are all different, with or without rules, and I would love to learn what you do for being a savvy shopper. Don’t be shy to share your tips and tricks! x

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