Back in time: wearing denim dungarees

As you might have seen already from my streetstyle-evolution I have always been a denim-girl and will always be one. I know most of the trendsetters have thrown their jeans away since they were able to influence their mommy’s decision about what to wear in the kindergarten, but I can not deny my attraction to denim in all shape. I like the fabric, the versatility and the fact is, wearing jeans in any form makes me feel ageless.

All images: Anny O. for SILKsofine

I am not sure when it was the last time I decided to wear dungarees, but I deffo never had one like this destroyed, distressed, ripped or whatever you want to call all the holes on this short overall. The fabric is so light that it does not matter how hot it is, you can wear it easy – and the holes of course help a lot. Some might say dungarees are not for them, but as for me, I love how comfortable they are and the easiness to combine them with heels or flats. It can be day and night wear for sure. For the weekend I went for comfy leather espadrilles and matching backpacks – for the evening I was wearing these heels and this shirt to look more like an adult. This yellow backpack is pretty smartly designed, I like the idea of making it look very feminine with all the chains. It is not very big, but has several pockets to sort all you need. A few hair-ties/bracelets on the wrist and tadaaa, ready for adventures.

All and all this is a very simple look to create, and your fun and comfort is guaranteed, no more words needed. Lets go wild and leave the work to someone else, get out of the office right now! It is beautiful summer, also here in the northern part of Germany, hope you all enjoy it, just as I do. xx

front full body

These armbands are useful in the heat for those who have long hair. And they are very pretty.



I bought the ankle bracelet on a fantastic vacation on Maui. Aloha..

full back

From top to toe:

Sunglasses: Ray Ben

Tanktop: Zara similar

Dungarees: Current / Elliot

Shoes: Loewe

Backpack: Moschino similar

Hair-tie / Armband: SILKsofine

Watch: Larsson & Jennings

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