Bare Legs and Teddy Coat – as long as it (I) will freeze

After a really extended summer the cold hit suddenly here in the north and I am clapping my hands in cheer: teddy coat time! Since Carine Roitfeld has brought big, fluffy, oh-so-nice-to-hide-into-you coats into focus last winter the “teddy-mania” hasn’t lowered – what is one season to kick out such a fun cover up anyway?! I especially enjoy the recognition I discovered the other day: teddy coats are the most perfect companion of bare legs.

All images: Henning K. for SILKsofine

Despite of my joy of a new season with new opportunities to experiment with styling, I have difficulties to give up bare legs. I am a notorious when it comes to wearing stockings (and I mean thigh-highs, no pantyhose!!). If I really must, then I have only two options acceptable: black or tan (the exact colour of my skin). There are outfits which require a certain amount of leg coverage but as many times as possible I stay with bare legs. And that is one reason why I appreciate teddy coats so much. They keep me warm even with bare legs. But there is one thing: teddy coats are not only nice and cozy but also can affect a style very dominantly. Such a bold piece leaves an impression easily. But there are versions which can’t get boring so fast. Like the one I hunted down in Munich a few weeks ago. Cause it’s reversible. For now I went for the shearling site outside. It is still plus degrees so wearing the leather inside is perfect to balance the bare legs. Later, when it gets really cold, the shearling inside will come handy, but until then I enjoy the teddy coat look. How about you?  Are you also a bare-leg-persona like me? Or do you know a way of making stockings look good? x

Shop this (or similar) outfit: click on the image!

Coat: Anne Vest // Leather top: H&M Studio Collection // White dress: Zara // Shoes: Miu Miu // Sunglasses: Celine


More teddy coats:

IMG_7794resized IMG_7804resized

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