Beauty tips: facing the cold

We are not only on the search for the perfect gift but the perfect beauty-protection against the cold that comes along with Christmas. In my early twenties I did not care much of beauty products – being lucky to have a quite uncomplicated skin allowed me this luxurious laziness. But as the time goes I realise that it doesn’t matter how generously blessed you are with genetics, cold is a big enemy of any kind of skin. Avoiding to be too late with face-care I have collected my favourites (all self-tested!) facial products I can recommend to you to protect the health of your skin during winter. The prices vary widely but consulting several times with diverse cosmeticians about it I go along with the belief that to buy a beauty product for a lower price doesn’t always mean lower quality. I rather would phrase it like when you buy a beauty product for a lower price you might get lower amount of the ingredients in it. And that is much better than having nothing to protect our skin from the cold, isn’t it? If you are looking for beauty products from professional skin-care producers, these picks are for you!

This Works, Khiel’s Since 1851, Omorovicza, Chantecaille, Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins, Laura Mercier

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