Summer SALE is booming, there are so many great deals, it was really hard to make only a “short” list of my sales favourites. Summer is far not over, so you can purchase a lot of beautiful things that you actually still can wear. I still haven’t found that flowery dress (or at least not for the price I would give for it), so probably there is no flowery dress meant to be mine. However there are those amazing folk-inspired looks that seem to stay even for next summer. And long dresses in general are here to stay. Anyway, I made a few categories and collected my SUMMER SALE favourites by them. Do you have any favourites?

SUMMER SALE Folk-inspired

The traditional Ukrainian dress inspired Vita Kin design (not yet on sale) has got a lot of followers and the style is copied wherever you look. The good thing is that everyone can find something to her own budget. Absolutely stunning design, I love the huge balloon sleeves and the traditional motives (reminds me to Hungarian folklore actually).


Summer shoes

I am a fan of espadrilles and almost anything flat this season. Especially platform flats are my favourites, maybe with a little sparkle on them.



It is all about canvas, raffia and other woven handbags now. I had a beautiful raffia bag before, but unfortunately the magnetic closure was too strong and it broke. So just take care of choosing something without anything that would pull the woven material too strong.


Long dresses

Flowery or raffled, all is pretty. Romantic styles are the most popular right now, I would probably not buy off the shoulder anymore, but I might be wrong about the lifespan of that style.



Round sunnies are my favourites, mirrored or not I love all. It is somehow different now than the 70’s, the different size of round shapes overcome the flower-power and fit to any outfit.


Romantic tops

Frilled with frilled is not at all too much this summer. Everything romantic is very welcome and fit this is a style that fits your personality anyway then this is a great time for savvy shopping into romance.


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