Bohemian beauty – budget friendly alternatives of a must-have dress

Saint Laurent is sparkling with the leadership of Hedi Slimane and I am absolutely under the label’s spell. But the thing is that the prices are sky-high when it comes to YSL, so most of the cases I try to be a savvy shopper and do a little research before buying something, mapping out all the alternative options that might work just as well as my original desire. This time my craving is an impossibly beautiful and even more impossible (if it is even possible) pricy bohemian style maxi dress. This one, found on Matchesfashion for 3290,- Euro:

saint laurent dress
Image: Fairchild

This bohemian maxi dress from the Saint Laurent Resort 2015 collection is a dream and stays a dream forever cause of the impossibly high price. But the style itself doesn’t need to stay a dream! Actually finding things on Vestaire Collective is one good option – I know cause I have sold a pair of Saint Laurent cat boots there a short while ago for a painfully lower price than I have bought them. Another option is to find similar styles from other labels, and that is what I just have done. I have browsed several online stores to find a few alternatives that might work similarly as the dreamy Saint Laurent creation. Of course there is always a compromise when we buy a cheaper version of something, and this compromise is usually the quality. Oh well, sometimes you also compromise the perfection of the style. But then of course that’s why designer items cost always more – in this actual case much-much more. Ah, anyway, let’s get back to my savvy options, I really think they are nice and fit wonderfully into the bohemian category. Clicking on the images will take you to the online stores where you can check more options available!

From Shopbop:

Probably the most similar dress I have found all over the internet. Patchwork style, beautiful, bohemian. Works well with flats but I would go for heels. Probably ankle booties.

From Free People:

Free People is the master of bohemian styling. There are several bohemian versions on their website, this one is my personal favourite because of the romantic floral motives. Love.

From ASOS:

I would completely restyle this bohemian dress with another pair of shoes. I have never been fan of Birkenstock or similar style of footwear, for my taste they are to big, I am totally missing the femininity. So I imagine this dress with a pair of shoes like in this set for example.

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