It’s bootie time – boots trend for fall/winter 2016

Are you looking for the right pair of booties for this fall/winter? Then maybe this little post can inspire you to find your favourite. I made this selection by keeping a lot of things in mind, because I like to have not only a good look, but good quality and a comfortable wear as well. The boots trend is really diverse (again) this season: from glitter to metallic, flat to sky-high, there is everything and anything you might possibly look for.

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I am really a kind of sneaker girl, at least when bare feet is not anymore proper. Simply because I like comfortable shoes and I really (REALLY) do not like socks or stockings. But I am not that hardcore when it is cold outside, so I put something equally comfortable but much warmer on my feet. And I truly appreciate the big selection that is available on the bootie front. Cause there is literally everything you can wish for.

Ankle boots are perfect almost all year around and the beautiful (and oh-so-trendy) over-the-knees are a very chic option to keep your short skirts for winter as well. So it’s a kind of win-win situation on the boots trend.

Boots trend starting from 46€


Lately I fall for some tougher styles like the one I wear in this look, but I like timeless pieces the most. Cause it means I don’t need to buy new boots every single year. It is good to have some footwear that stands out of the crowd, but for those styles I do not like to pay too much. It is only one season and after that they are outdated. Anyhow, on the boots front I think I am prepared for this fall/winter, but how about you? x

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