Checked pants and trench coat love

Finally I packed all my winter assemble and pulled out all my clothes for spring. It was about time to have something different, something lighter. Warm earth colours, pastel (pink in my case), and cropped and/or checked pants are now on my spring menu. Trench coats are a must have for the season and I like mules simply cause they are so comfy to take on and off.

checked pants, burberry trench coat
Photos: Isabell Jetchev

What I Wear

Trench coat: Burberry Top: Stella McCartney Checked pants: Zara Mules: Gucci Bag: Louis Vuitton Sunglasses: Celine

I am not exactly an expert in mixing and matching patterns but I could not help falling in love with these checked pants. For someone who has issues with her thighs it is a huge thing (as you can imagine) cause checks are not exactly the pattern that slims down the proportions. However I really think they worked out pretty well for this look, but check it out yourself and let me know your thoughts.

Checked pants

A good trench coat is a must have this season, you can get it in beautiful pastel or green (I love this oversized version!) colours as well but I really favour the classic versions. Not only Burberry makes the perfect pieces anymore, I must say you can find wonderful trench coats in every price range. I prefer the longer versions, but thinking about getting this short one (great price btw!) cause it is just too cute. These below are my very favourite trench coats from the online market space for now.

Trench coats

checked pants, burberry trench coat 2 checked pants, burberry trench coat 3 checked pants, burberry trench coat 4 checked pants, burberry trench coat, celine sunglasses, louis vuitton bag 5 checked pants, burberry trench coat 6




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