Chicago, I love you and this is an Ode to you

Oh, Chicago, you are so beautiful, touching souls with the soft winds you let stroll through your wonderful streets that are adorned by all these incredibly breathtaking buildings. I thought I loved New York, but I love you too, Chicago. A girl can have two lovers, right?

Oh you! // All images: Julia L. for SILKsofine

Chicago, I have heard a lot about you and your indulging soul, I have heard that you are able to catch lost souls, that you tend to make people addicted easily. So true, so true. People also told me that your winters are hardly bearable but that your summer lets people forget about any hard time. I had exactly three days with you, three days to inhale your air and everything you have to give. And that is pretty much. So I was not exactly able to do all of what you have to offer but at least I tried to sway on your energy and frequency and that pretty much worked out wonderfully.

First thing I was forced to do since my baggage did not arrive in time was a stroll on your Michigan Avenue that has all the tiny shiny things and is the host of Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Barney’s, pretty much the commercial center of anyone who wants to have the total shopping high. It goes down and up again, flowers are growing in the sun on the Median and both sidewalk are so pretty that it is hard to make a decision. Art Déco rises into the air next to modern architecture and brownstone buildings. The best of all worlds, I guess.

First junction on Michigan Avenue
Green Median on Michigan Avenue
John Hancock Building
Tribune Tower in the back

Due to you being 7 hours behind my actual biorhythm I woke up when the sun was all set to rise up behind your skyscrapers and to able to see her rise I walked on your Chicago Riverwalk through the canyons of your building up to the edge of the Michigan lake that lightly touches your Eastern border. A lake of the volume of an ocean, with no end as if your Eastern end would lead us into infinity. Crystal clear water and a shimmery skyline in the back that is reflecting the sun in the morning and embracing it in the evenings.

Still rising
Chicago River
The Trump Tower is actually beautiful
Morning Walk

Covered by the same crystal clear skies I climb up on the tallest building you have to offer – indeed the Western hemisphere has to offer – it is less remarkable than NY’s Empire State but the same breathtaking as all of its kind. And for the first time I get to see all of your beauty from high above, I get to stand on you and under my feet it is concrete jungles and depth. I try to see the end of lake Michigan but there is non, and that is okay because infinity has always had this special tension and makes people fall in love in the easiest way possible.

Willis Tower
High on Chicago
On the top

Your talent for art is incredible and your talent to unite the people who curate and host great art is beyond anything. The Institute of Art has everything to give that could infiltrate someone who has a thing for art and those who do not. I spent quite a time with Henri Matisses Bathers by the River that graced the entrance of the contemporary wing with its beauty. I had some time alone with Charles Ray and Frank Stella, and I fell for Joan Mitchell, Willem de Kooning and Jasper Johns. Contemporary artists that your country grew.

Almost alone with Charles Ray
Beautiful contemporary wing designed by Renzo Piano
Bathers by the River by Henri Matisse
Contemporary clouds Georgia O’Keefe
Frank Stella
View from the contemporary wing to Millenium Park

I step outside and right into your Millenium Park where the Orchestra fills the air with intense melodies. The sun leads me to Anish Kapoors Cloud Gate where a million fingerprints cover the reflection of your skyline and I need some time to find mine.

Orchestra at the Millenium Park
Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor
Cloud Gate

I get to spent the sundowner on Lake Michigan inhaling the immense beauty of your skyline once again, in its whole plenitude. You are drenched in a million different colors within the next three hours and what stays is the energy, the light and your moon. Hale to you, Chicago. I take you home in my soul and heart. And I promise I will be back. Soon.

Skyline I
Skyline II
Skyline III
Skyline IV

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