Christmas Gift for Someone Who Has “Everything” – Man Edition

It is again that time of the year when some of us are already wonderfully prepared but most of us, including me, are stressing over christmas gift ideas. Especially those loved ones make the struggle harder who say they do not wish for anything cause they kind of have “everything”. Obviously these people are guys, cause we girls kind of never have enough (lol).

These wonderful men in our lives manage very carefully not to give any hint about what could make them happy – except things money can’t buy which is totally adorable but I still would like to put something under the Christmas tree. These man at the same time are also the ones who are extremely difficult to really surprise. Cause they are living in their wish-less world, where anything and everything is welcome with the same, happy smile – makes it kind of difficult to even approximate if you Santa did a good job or not.

Anyhow, my method to work my way through the Christmas gift trouble has evolved a lot int the last few years. I am searching for things that are aesthetically pleasing and more in the “luxurious” direction in the classical meaning: things that are not for an everyday use, rather special and timeless. This is my latest selection of these kind of items, except the knit pullover, which is kind of playing on the safe side and anyway, it’s just beautiful. I hope it helps a little in case you have the same dilemma like me. Do you have something else to add?

(click on the images, to take you to the shop where you can get the items)

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