Christmas gifts for HIM – under 150€

You already have heard it from me in the latest gift guide for HER (haven’t seen it yet? then just click here), that presents are worthless unless you wrap your heart together with them. So when I was making this selection of Christmas gifts for HIM, I was keeping my one true love in mind, my husband, who I know does not expect actually anything at all, happy for everything, but sometimes there are small surprises which he enjoys.

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I would say in general it is always more challenging to find gifts for men, because a man kind of has everything and needs nothing. Always. At least this is what my husband tells me, every time I ask him when I am doing a little shopping. So I must be really creative when it comes to presents but I guess I know him well and I kind of collect information about his plans or things that cheer him up the whole year around. I actually already have something for him (trallalla), but this little list has also a few things I really like and might get for him.

More Christmas gifts for him – under 150€

Last year I gave Santa brought a silver armband with a raw diamond on it. That was actually a really cool present, I can tell he likes it cause he wears it every day.. But that was such a special find, doesn’t happen every year. Armbands in general can be really nice for men and here you can find some really cool jewellery for men.

An other idea could be to check Etsy out. I just recently had a giveaway post about them, presented with some nice shopping ideas and they have some really cool stuff for men as well! The giveaway is closed now but it is worth to check the post anyway 😉 . There are really unique choices for every gender and age.

So my Santa is is getting ready slowly or at least has an idea of who gets what. All wrapped with love. Hopefully you get also inspired and find something interesting to your loved ones.

Actually I have a question for you: what did you give to the men in your life last Christmas??

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