Into the cold: winter sports are for the brave

I absolutely admire people who have talent in winter sports! It might be because I do not have any. I have good skills in a lot of other sports (I am good at playing chess, I was a champion in table tennis in high school and so on) but in nothing that involves putting something under my feet and balancing on it. However this year me and my hubby decided to give it a try, so I am in kind of a winter sports fever. And all good and new things start with some shopping to do and so I dare to say in that I am pretty skilled…

Vigilus Mountain Resort in South Tyrol, Italy // Image: Rick Lew/Condé Nast Collection

My husband never skied before (I did a little, long time ago), so it was a big surprise for me when this year he suggested to give skiing (snowboarding) a try. Usually when we can we head to warm and wavy waters (hubby is a passionate surfer) at winter time but this year it will be different! Not that we would miss to travel to the warm but right after we pack our luggages to go to the mountains (yay!!) .. I am already very excited about this cause it was a long time ago when I was skiing and since then I have gained some theoretical knowledge about how I should do it next time, in order to reduce the blue marks on my body to at least 50%. I might even go to take snowboard lessons with my husband. But before there is only one thing to do: shopping for skiing! We are not going to get skies or snowboards this time, first we need to see if we like it really at all and find out what exactly we would like to do in the future. For now I have looked around a bit to find some stylish but not horribly expensive clothing and accessories (skiing is very pricy!!). In this little collection I have made a set I could imagine to wear. Most of the pieces are now on SALE, so it is even better. I know there should be some underwear as well, like leggings and tight tops or gloves to keep warm. Is there anything else you would suggest to get? Something what is really necessary? What are your experiences?




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