Copenhagen Fashion Week: Instagrammers to follow

Some of you probably know my articles by now, that’s why I’m very likely not telling a secret when I say that my heart is beating for Copenhagen…a lot! Due to the ongoing Copenhagen Fashion Week, it was time to visit my beloved Scandinavian capital. Whether you can or cannot make it, I have great suggestions whose steps to follow on Instagram. I hope you are curious, Instagram up ladies (and gents)!

1. @lookdepernille – Blogger slash stylist slash (role) model Pernille Teisbœk is our favourite scandi-insta crush.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 19.28.53
Image courtesy: @lookdepernille

Since 2005 Pernille Teisbœk has worked with fashion, both in front and behind the camera. She is now working full-time as a freelance stylist, blogger and fashion expert at Denmark’s largest TV-network, TV Go’morn DK. Together with her partner in crime Costume-, EUROWOMAN-, Elle Danmark girls and the French-British blogger, Camille Charrière ( fashion journalist & blogger) – are the favourite issues of street style photographers. Front row insights guaranteed!

2. @fundachristophersen – Funda Christophersen is the co-founder & editor at @luellemag and blogger at By Funda.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 19.33.41
Image courtesy: @fundachristophersen

If you are lacking ideas what to wear the next day or where to get pretty coffee and brunch in Copenhagen, you should definitely follow the adventures of this scandi-beauty. She’s one to watch and I’m definitely up for a street style hunting during the Fashion Week to catch what’s going on. She’s so chic, right?

3. @blamethebusiness – Two souls, two styles, two dreams – same ambition merged into one blog. Do not blame us – Blame the Business.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 19.52.32
Image courtesy: @blamethebusiness

These two young Danish ladies are creating together a beautiful archive of photos of their own business looks and inspiring ‘office style’ outfits by striving to give inspiration for your every days. Blame the Business’ universe seeks to manifest how to create and live a life that is fulfilling, successful and not least stylish. The fashion-forward youth is coming, watch out!

4. @mie_juel – Street style icon and Fashion Director at ELLE Danmark.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 19.26.17
Image courtesy: @mie_juel

ELLE Danmark is undoubtedly one of Denmark’s coolest and most popular magazines. I was lucky enough to see those gorgeous girls working on the magazine at the ELLE Style Awards a year ago – very chic ones I must admit. Mie Juel was one of them and her impeccable sense of style immediately caught my attention. So this is how I started to follow her…and now you should do the same!

5. @couturekulten – Fashion addict, model, blogger and design student at Margrethe Skolen.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 20.04.41
Image courtesy: @couturekulten

‘Laura is a mad vintage loving creative soul, with a wardrobe filled with patterns, colours and her own design items…and like everyone else she is always figuring out what to wear!’ Feel free to be inspired by this lovely model, creative student and streetsyle icon. Stay tuned for her outfits, she won’t disappoint, I promise!

Did I forget someone? Don’t forget to search for #cphfw, #cphff, #cphfw14 and #silksofinegoescopenhagen hashtags and stay updated! Come and join the fun also by following us, @silksofine!

By the way Copenhagen Fashion Week. Are you aware of the fact that apart from the glam, the coolest Scandinavian designers and greatest bloggers, it’s also the greenest fashion week around, as it offered several activities focused on sustainability. Not bad, right? Reviews to come…

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