Dark spring look

I just wrote about a bright spring look, shiny colours and how much I am in the mood for them, but this morning looking out the window convinced me that spring is only official in my calendar (and in my heart). Here in the north the rain clouds stole the Sun and they don’t seem to release her any soon. However my early spring look might be dark but my mood is surely bright.

Walk in the park // All images: Anny O. for SILKsofine


It is quite challenging to keep my mood up when there is no sun, but seeing this beautiful park today cheered me up in an instant. Flensburg is not a big town still obviously I haven’t seen all parts of it yet. For example this pretty place with so many crocus I have never seen at one place. I totally got inspired to fill the backyard of our house full with these pretty first signs of Spring. Cause it will come, right?

In my head I was very much ready to pull on a denim mini and these beautiful sandals today but that look has to wait. But as a revenge I decided surely NOT to wear any coats. I am tired of covering up from head to toe, so today was a long cardigan day and surely no boots (oh yes, I was freezing).

What I Wear:

Long cardigan: Closed Knitted top:  Bella Freud Leather pants: Zara Sneakers: Miu Miu Bag: Chanel Glasses: Moscot 

 Similar to this look:


The obligatory in-the-middle-of-flowers picture. I was tiptoeing there.
I swear I didn’t step on any of them!


The moment I arrived down from the tree.

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