(Day)dreaming: wish-list without price tags

Dreaming is good, dreaming is inspiring, dreaming makes you feel motivated. Of course I am not talking about nightmares, although my (day)dreaming I am about to tell you, could turn into a nightmare in the blink of an eye if it would come true. Cause it would burn my credit cards into ashes.

My wish-list without price tags – for prices click on the small icons.

The scenario is the following: when I make my wish-lists I am pretty conscious about what I choose. There is a certain limit to the prices I am willing to pay for certain things  and sometimes (actually a lot of times) I find some price-value propositions simply nonsense. When it comes to a luxury item, I try to find out what might make the price of it so high.

Of course in luxury business most part of the price you pay is for “only” the brand. But then there is the fabric, place of production (always a hint of ethical production), the quality (which despite of luxury items doesn’t necessarily mean high quality) or how outstanding the cut is. And after all these criteria comes your personal judgement: how many times will you wear this? Does it fit with your current closet? Is it a timeless piece or only a current hype? Can you live without it?!?! (Ok, the last question is not relevant for me, cause I can live without clothes entirely. On an island. Alone.)

After considering all these criteria I usually (too bad for me that not always) decide not to get over a certain range, cause there is simply no clothing (or accessories) that should cost thousands and thousands of Euros (except jewellery). Simple as that. Would I resist if I would be a billionaire? I don’t know. Any billionaires around to share their thoughts/experiences about it? And any non-billionaires? I would love to hear your view on the topic!

Anyhow for now I just let the girl dream and pretend that there are no price tags stopping her being a shopping queen for a day.

How would your wish-list without price tags look like?

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