Denim crush: the one thing that never goes out of style

Denim is a fabric that is able to reincarnate and have a stable place reserved in my closet. Something similar is going on with suede as well, but you already heard about that from me a short while ago here. Being a denim kind of girl for me it is really difficult to keep calm and stay away from power-shopping when there are so many wonderful clothes created of my (clearly) favourite fabric. I made an inspiration-board to see what is there now and what is still on waiting list of the currently trending denim collections.


I am absolutely drowned by the 70’s vibe. I actually had purchased a pair of flared jeans last year however I was not yet brave enough to pull them on – it is only question of time. And anyway there are tons of other 70’s inspired creations to choose from, also made of denim. Beside of flared jeans I really like front-buttoned, A-line skirts or kimono style denim jackets. There are also a few pieces left of the Alexa Chung and AG Jeans collaboration, and although they are really the last pieces they are not even a little bit less attractive than the biggest hits of that collection. Alexa has designed some cool dungarees as well, but for me the one from Stella McCartney is really something special. I happened to have a pair of short dungarees (and I love them) but this high-top-style overwrites the general look of dungarees. I can imagine to wear it without anything under it as well. What do you think? And form the same collection the cutout denim dress or short playsuit is tempting as well. Less 70’s but not less cool are jumpsuits made of denim, however there are not that many available currently in the shops. Overall I am pretty happy with what I see made of denim currently, and pretty sure the best is yet to come. What are your favourites? Anything missing from my list?


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