Dressing good, feeling good

Lately I have been elaborating a lot on why fashion is so in focus (besides of the business behind it), why dressing good makes us feel good? Ok, so I try to say no big stereotypes here, but: wherever in the world you are the first impression of your presence determines the way you are handled. Parallel to this your self-confidence is directly proportional to how you feel about your own style. Dressing good will not solve any dilemmas but might help to start your efforts to make connections with a nice blank page, dismissing your (or others) doubts about your own abilities when it comes to challenges. Making a good first visual  impression is always a good start, no matter if it is about a first date, a job interview or going out to have fun. Anyways, you never know when you meet someone you actually want to impress.. 😉

(jacket, skirt, bag, boots, sunglasses)

Feelin' good

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