Favorite Hair Accessory for Fall: The Headband

Today I am sharing my favorite-hairdo-of-the-moment with you. I am someone who rather has her hair up in a bun than down (which could coincide with not having the thickest, longest hair of my dreams) and anyways I love to try different things and headbands have caught my eye.

(1.golden 2.pearl 3.boho 4.lace  5.dark-romance)

There are many ways to style a headband but I prefer a vintage updo. It is easy, quick, works with different lengths and I just find it very pretty and elegant (which reminds me of the upcoming festive season). It is really not difficult to make it: just put the headband over your head and tuck your hair under the headband in the back. To have everything in place I would highly recommend to use bobby pins. You can also take a look at the tutorial below and keep in mind that this hairdo works equally perfect for much shorter or thinner hair. You can use very simple headbands or choose a pretty standout piece like my selection above. The shops are full of lovely hair accessories in lots of different styles to match different outfits. I can’t even decide which one is my favorite and would love to just grab all of them! xx

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