Fight the greyness with colourful make-up

How to fight the cold and greyness besides warm knits, cosy home wear, oh-so-trending statement coats and hot drinks? With colourful make-up I guess?! And by colourful I do not at all mean crazy-bright ideas but muted yet beautiful colours. First of all decide in the morning (according to your mood and #ootd) whether you shall opt for emphasising the lips or the eyes. If you go with the first option only apply a hint of tinted moisturiser on your skin, some mascara and blusher but choose a daring one for your lips. If the latter suits your mood more, leave the lips in their natural shade and apply some eyeshadow and mascara to make your eyes really glow. Which combination do you prefer?

(blush, brush, mascaratinted moisturiser, nail polish, lipstick, cream eyeshadow, cosmetics pouch)

Fight the greyness with colourful make-up


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