Five +1 step facial beauty routine (not only) for girls above 40

Still pretty hard to write down this number but I guess we all in this age just have to get over it. Since this year the magical 40’s have started for me I kind of revaluate things and trying hard to get mature (more or less successfully). 40 has brought not only changes inside but outside as well and this means changes in lifestyle too. Today I focus on my facial beauty routine, more specifically a simple method I started to do to keep those appearing wrinkles under control as long as possible.

facial beauty routine-2640 Girls under 40: all you hear from your middle-aged friends is true! I have never taken seriously any warnings like “use a facial moisturiser regularly” or “start to use eye-creams before wrinkles appear”, cause I never really had any serious problems with my skin. So what could happen? Oh well. A lot. Not only those wrinkles are coming but the whole texture of the skin is changing. I started to get to be sensitive for different products I have used before, started to get pigmented skin and the wrinkles… na yah.. they are here.

Still a lot of people ask me about how I don’t have (even more) wrinkles or what products I use to have a glowing skin. So I am sharing now my beauty routine, 5 very simple steps I do to keep my facial skin healthy.

Five + 1 step facial beauty routine

Firstly I find it important to clarify that there is a good reason to use the same brand for your whole facial beauty routine. Beauty brands build their product lines based on each other, so when you mix up brands and you use products not formulated to be paired together you might reduce the efficiency.

I personally stick to La Mer, since once I have tried it at the airport in Dubai. The products are perfect for my skin but it doesn’t mean they are perfect for yours. You should find your own favourite brand – all beauty brands have the same kind of system- and apply the steps just the same way.

1. Cleanse

“I want more make up!” – said no pore ever.

Doesn’t have to accentuate how important this first step is, right? The pores of our skin need to breath! Cleanse starts with washing your face with lukewarm water, then comes the cleanser. Gently massage it with circulating movements into your skin, then rinse it off with water and then tap it dry with towel. With this only one step you already did a lot for a healthy skin!


2. Serum

Some likes it some not, some needs it some not. I personally like to use serums because my aim is to prevent wrinkles and brighten dark spots. Serums are not equal with moisturisers although the texture feels a little bit alike. Serums are quite rich in ingredients but not enough for a full facial care. You still need the moisturiser (from the same brand!) to reach full effect! I also like that it feels easier to smoothly apply moisturiser after using a serum. In case you want to skip serum, I would suggest to use a treatment lotion, which is not that rich as a serum but prepares your pores to take more moisturiser in.


3. Moisturiser

I prefer the soft cream from La Mer, because I have a normal facial skin. Of course there are more, richer moisturisers as well. For choosing the right one you need to know what kind of skin you have, what feels good to have on. If I use richer moisturisers like this one, then I get pimples the next day. So I stick with the light version and I use it all the way down to my neck and décolletage.


4. Eye-cream

The skin around my eyes, especially in the corners tend to be pretty dry (especially after make up) so I am really grateful to have creams made especially for this area. La Mer gives a little silver headed applicator to apply the eye cream. If you store it in the fridge it feels cool when you apply the eye cream with it. This way instantly reduces puffiness and feels really heavenly when you circle around your eyes with cream on it. Tip: always circle from outside to inside, the opposite direction of the way wrinkles appear!


5. Extra eye-treatment

The skin under my eyes is always puffy and because of my general skin tone I always have dark circles under my eyes. I am on the search for products that help to reduce the darkness and the puffiness and so far the Nerium eye-serum is doing a great job. I apply it as the final step above the normal eye-cream I use. You need only a very small amount and wait until it is completely dry before applying make up. I use the serum for around 4 weeks now and I already see a little result, my eyes are definitely not that puffy and the dark circles are faded one tone. Do you have a tip for reducing dark circles? I would love to hear about it!!


+1 Mask

I always thought masks are completely unnecessary but in the long term actually it totally makes sense to use them at least once a week. I like to apply a mask on the weekend when I have time to relax 20 minutes during the day or in the evening before going out. Its an extra booster for healthy pores and instantly gives a beautiful smooth surface for the face. So why not give that extra little care once in a while 😉 .


We all have different tips and tricks, what is your facial beauty routine? x

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