Strong and silky – five basic steps for a healthy hair

Ladies and gents, for today’s post I will need your opinions and experiences to discuss some healthy hair issues. We all have our favourite and least favourite body parts, our little tricks and tips on what to show and hide, and most likely we all have some special relation to our hair. Some friends of mine can’t even look at the scissor at the hairdresser, some swears to short bobs, and me.. I can’t seem to have the same hair style longer than half a year. So I definitely need some basic treats for a healthy hair.

healthy hair

As currently I am letting my hair grow it is quite challenging to keep my satisfaction high with the style. Cutting is only allowed in order to keep the ends healthy thus I need something else to bring some versatility in styling or such. So I turned to colouring, and the latest attempt was a balayage (you already could have seen in my Insta Stories) to cheers things up. But this kind of actions come for a price. Long hair alone is not enough for me, I want a mane of soft, silky, touchable locks but the reality is that hair grows only about a centimetre per month, and after years of colouring and straightening it’s the biggest challenge to keep it healthy. So for having that dream hair, giving the necessary treats is crucial. The followings are the absolute basics I follow to take properly care of my hair.

1. Less of everything

Both colouring and over-washing can dry the hair out, so the less shampoo and ammonia, the more hydrated it will be and the longer it will grow without breaking.

2. Conditioning is king

Conditioning, conditioning, conditioning. When your hair is well hydrated, it is less likely to dry out and split. Hair is a bit like skin – it takes a little experimenting until you find your best matching products. I use Kérastase products and argan oil every single time I wash my hair, and before straightening always ALWAYS use heat protection.

3. Chop it, even if you don’t want

I visit my hairdresser on a regular basis. Every second month is the optimal time to chop those thin ends off. I know it is hard to cut it when all you want is to have it long, but it is a necessary step to actually grow your hair. The broken ends only brake the hair more and more, thus there is no chance for your hair to keep the ends. It will always look the same length cause it breaks off. You keep the ends healthy and the growth will be visible.

4. Say no to heat

Straight-haired women yearn for curly hair and vice-versa but I try to protect my hair from heated styling tools as much as I can. It mostly works when I am on vacation, cause my hair is very curly and on business days I like to have it straight (what did I just say before 🙂 ). But a huge round brush is a good tool for styling straight(er) without using hot irons after blowdrying.

5. Let it down

And the hardest part for me: let your hair down. Keeping your hair tightly pulled back can be damaging because the hair is being unnaturally pulled and tugged. Also, pulling an elastic on and off can lead to broken ends. The ones who love high buns as much as I do, I can suggest to chill and take some doughnuts 😉 .

Do you have any never-falling tricks or products which did the magic for you and your hair? Would love to hear about them! x

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