Five budget friendly accessories for a wardrobe-on-trend

I had a period of time in my life when I had no conscious concept of my own style, rather experimented with everything I liked. I had to learn that although experimenting is fun, unfortunately it is not always the most benefitting, when the things you like are looking amazing on others but not on you. I still tend to get things which after purchasing I deeply regret to buy, but I am getting better in shopping and I have learned something important: you do not need a whole new wardrobe to stay on trend! Sometimes it is enough just to find the right accessories to look up to date. And in this season these accessories don’t even have to be expensive. Check out my budget friendly accessories edit for summer 2016.

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1. White sneakers

This trend is not going anywhere and I am so happy it isn’t. Cause I love comfort and there is nothing better than a good, white sneaker for everyday runs. They are good with your fringed denim but as you already could see it I wear them with sweet little dresses as well.

2. Round sunglasses

There is a round frame for everyone! The good thing about round glasses is that they can fit any face shape, cause you can find all the different sizes of round frames today. My absolute favourite at the moment is this Ray Ban, which is not 100% round, but almost.

3. Pom-pom whatever

This trend is crazy good looking, I love the whole fiesta feeling about it. I am not fan of  over the point styles but a little addition of pom-poms here or there are my favourites. I especially favour keychains cause you can easily attach them to your bag for example or just hang them on the belt holder (what is the name of that little thing on your jeans?!) for a little fun.

4. Bandanas

90’s kids still have it and if you are younger you can get it for very good prices. I love my bandanas and yes, you can be sure that bandanas don’t make you look like a western movie hero 😉 . I wear them with tailored jackets for example, even for a business meeting. Cause why not.

5. Straw bags and straw hats

Straw styles, just like espadrilles, are no more only beach accessories. They work great in the summer in the city. I appreciate the easiness straw accessories add to an appearance. You have a kind of vacation feeling when wearing them, even when it is a typical work day. But never wear both at the same time! One straw accessory is more than enough for that vacay feeling.


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