Five favourite spring styles for 2017

No matter what is happening outside, there is spring in my heart so genuinely I am seeking inspirations for my favourite season. A lot is going on on the front row of trends  and now I collected five of my personal favourites from all the spring styles for 2017. Are you up to some refreshments? Then come along with me.. I would also love to hear what you would skip or add!

1. Blooming for spring

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Flowery motives were already loved last summer and they are here to stay for this spring/summer as well! I still haven’t found the pattern that would suit me without being too sweet (I assume I am just not that romantic), but I guess there is a way to break the romance overload by layering a flowery dress over a pair of jeans. Or even better: choose a dark flowery pattern and wear it with sneakers. I would definitely go for this style.

2. Cropped and flared


You might already have seen that the cropped and flared trend is very much my thing. I love the fact that cropped pants are optically slimming the ankles and the flared style looks best with voluminous tops. And there are a lot of different styles in flares, like this which reminds me to a hot Spanish dancer or a decent one like this with fray.

3. Pink on pink

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Pastels are very popular at the moment and I especially like the pink tones (again this girly thing.. must be the spring lol). I recently have changed my hair color from brown to a lighter, dark blond tone, so I must see how all the pink things in my closet will work. However I rather change my hair colour back than give pink up this spring (I mean it. lol).

4. From the streets

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There is an obvious coolness in the latest collections which shows how very much designers were inspired by street styles. Oversized silhouettes, distressing here and there, logos and urban influence are present on the streets as on the runways. I like this trend but I like it the most mixed and matched with some girly touch.

5. Dope in drape

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Drapes and frills are all over on coverups, on shirts or even on shoes. My latest obsession is this skirt. I have a thing for neutral tones and fabrics – I was a huge fan of safari styles back in the 90’s. So glad to see more of the earthy colours everywhere and don’t judge me but I think they work beautifully with pastels. Especially with pink.

What is your favourite from the spring styles for 2017? Anything you would add?

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