Five new Instagram looks

Lately my Instagram account has started to live an independent life, I post looks there that you may not find here on my blog. So in case you do not follow me there, then you should (follow me here), but anyhow I have some new Instagram looks for you to show right here and right now.

Instagram is the place where I tend to be more spontaneous and post looks that I just impulsively put together, or just get something new and style it with things I already have.  It works for me a little bit like a first filter, which sometimes helps me to decided what to wear next. This is the platform where I do not look for perfection but experiment and get a bit more brave with my choices than usual. It is a great mood-board and a place to find inspiration – hopefully this time for you too. Which look is your favourite and why? xx

1. The stripes

Never get bored of them so it was time for some pants to show my love. Somehow I am a little tired of jeans (which is a bit weird as I am a typical denim girl) and I am looking for breezy wide leg pants like this one. Loving it!

striped pants, smelly mccartney, celine bag

2. The leather jacket

The one that never gets old and most likely everybody has at least one in their closet already. But this one is funky with the colour, and the shape is probably the most perfect I have ever seen. It is so clean cut still bad ass. A love piece forever.

leather jacket, sneakers, midi dress, golden goose

3. All plaid everything

Now this is a wide look which happened totally accidentally. The jacket and the pants are both Zara but they do not belong together originally. When you look closer the plaid pattern is totally different, still somehow fit well together. The pants are cropped and a little flared, absolutely on trend! Probably my favourite of all these five Instagram looks.

plaid suit, zara, gucci, pink shoes

4. For chilly days

This little jacket is awesome even for chilly summer days at the north. I am planning to wear it over t-shirts as well, cause it gives just the right coverage for keeping you warm but not too warm. I like that it is not a gilet but also not a jacket. It is something between and it is so pretty isn’t it?

pink fur, fur gilet, chanel boy, chanel bag

5. The white shirt

This is an other look with the same white shirt you saw at point 4. In general white shirts are quite basics but not this one. And although I am not typically a white shirt person, the cut of this piece got me cause it is pretty unusual. Breezy and feminine, and poplin is the fabric of summer. How do you like it?

what shirt, cropped flared pants, saint laurent


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